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Schedule and Work Times

Here is a link to the 5th grade weekly schedule that the fifth grade teachers came up with to meet with the state’s guidelines. Please remember the times will vary a tad depending on personal working/learning styles and needs. Remember students are people and people are like snowflakes … no two are the same!

Here is a copy of the explanation of “work time” that was posted on the blog for your parents. I just want you to know what your parents are receiving:

Dear Howard School Parents – 

The district has developed a learning plan for your children that meets the recommendations of the state of Michigan.  Within the plan, there is a recommended amount of “work minutes” for each subject that is determined by your child’s grade level. 

It is important that the definition of “work time” is understood by parents, guardians, and students.  When your child is learning or practicing skills /cooking, playing an instrument or developing an interest. We also need to encourage our children to have conversations with people outside of our homes during this time- calling (not a text – hearing a voice is important) a friend, neighbor or relative can help him/her feel comfortable.  Here are three different types of “times.”  “Think-time,” “work-time,” and “play-time.”  Please read below and take note of the “work time” explanation.

The first is “think time.” This involves activities such as watching videos, listening to stories/lectures, reading over materials, watching or participating in demonstrations, rewatching videos or explanations when mistakes are made or other similar activities. These are the activities that lead up to your child working on and completing an assignment.

The second is “work time”.  There are recommendations from the  state and district for the amount of “work time” per subject depending on grade level. “Work time” is the amount of time your child is continually engaged in completing an assignment without breaks or distractions.   This is the time he/she will be working on things such as actively solving math problems, writing/typing responses, identifying answers within passages or completing assignments in online learning sites chosen by his/her teacher.  It is important to realize every child is different with individual learning styles, needs, and speed – the state is recommending these times as a guideline. Adjustments in the amount of time need to be considered to accommodate your individual child’s style and needs.
The third is “leisure/play time”.  This is important to balance your child’s day, to manage stress and develop other parts of your child’s brain.  More than ever your child needs to do activities that involve relaxation and creativity. This time can include special area activities: drawing, creating projects, crafts, board games, building with legos or blocks, card games, puzzles, imaginative play.

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