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Phone Contact Schedule/Office Hours

Phone Contact Schedule

Hello Everyone – just like we talked about during our GoogleMeet I will be calling five students a day. I just want to say hi, ask how you are doing, and see if there is anything you need help with. The day before your scheduled day please email me with the phone number that you can be reached at between the hours of 2:00-3:00. It can be your mom’s, dad’s, sibling’s or your phone number.

Friday : Juliana, Mohamad, Mariam S. , Mahmoud, Ibraheem

Monday: Sadinah, Logan, Damien, Michael, Madina

Tuesday: Omar, Aya, Diego, Hassan

Wednesday: Hannah, Celine, Jay, Mariam F., Rawand, Maryam K.

Thursday: Kennedy, Hashem, Mahdi, Max, Elias, Hassan

“Official Office Hours” – Monday – Friday 1:00-3:00 (but really if you would like to talk to me just send me an email with a phone number I will call anytime throughout the day – whatever works best for you).

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