Happy Snowy Wednesday!

Today was very hectic! We started the day with a PBIS assembly, went over the Social Studies study guide (they should have this with them and should study for the test on Tuesday), did a math lesson, had art, went to lunch, attended the Animal Assembly, and then had our Valentine Celebration. Thank you to the moms that helped out and the families that provided snack, it was very nice.

The students need to study the 13 Colony Map for the quiz tomorrow.  The unit test for Social Studies will be on Tuesday – they should be studying the study guide and the journal topic from Monday.

They also need to do the math homework in the Succeed book on pages 31-33.

Tomorrow they will work with a partner on the math practice/review, I will go over this with them on Tuesday.  The math mid-module assessment will be Wednesday.

Well Happy Ice-Day (again)!

I just want to update everyone. Tomorrow we will go over the Social Studies study guide to make sure everyone is studying the correct information BUT that doesn’t mean that it should not be completed. Yesterday they worked in groups using their notes and books and talked about answers – they need to use their books and notebooks to put the answers they feel are correct to complete the study guide. Tomorrow in class they can fix anything that is incorrect. This will tell them what they need to focus on.  The 13 colony may quiz will be Thursday for sure – I may move the test to Tuesday if most of the students need the weekend to study.

The students also have a worksheet with them on the Southern Colonies with questions that should be answered with well-written and good-strong answers (that they found in the book ) on the back (p.219 1,2,3,5). Please take the time and look over your student’s work. The majority of students have been not doing their best on these worksheets which affects how well they understand the material.  Spending time and effort on this will help them be prepared for the test – please ask your student to show you his/her work. I am stressing that next year doing quality work is a must for good grades.

Please make sure that yesterday’s math is completed and ask them to complete lesson 3.6 on Zearn.

All the students retook the pretest on Read Theory and should be using this site at home for at least one hour every week. Please ask your student to show you the level he/she tested at.


Ok, now onto the fun stuff:

I am assuming they are going to reschedule the Animal Assembly. I will keep you updated.

Tomorrow afternoon will be our Valentine Celebration. The students can bring in candy and cards but must bring enough for everyone (27 students).  

The students can bring in any board game from home to play with their friends also.  Can you please remind them to put their board game in their book bags today so they do not forget?


Thursday is a half day –  I will be at a meeting at Dearborn High so there will be a substitute but they will still have the 13 colony map quiz and do math.

Hello Families,

I am planning for the students to take the Social Studies test on Wednesday morning. To help them with this I sent home a study guide, a map, and a worksheet on the Southern Colonies. Please ask them to complete all and study the map tonight.

In math I asked them to complete the Succeed book pages 25-27 and complete Zearn through and including  lessons 3.5.

I sent home a list of names for the Valentine’s celebration also.

Enjoy your evening.

Hello Families,

Tonight the students need to work on the following:

  1. Study for spelling (they need to know 18 out of the 20 words)
  2. Math – Succeed pages 19-21 and the exit ticket in the Learn book
  3. Social Studies – read pages 210-213, complete the worksheet and answer the questions on page 213 #1-5

Enjoy your evening.

Happy Tuesday,

Please keep an eye on the weather tonight – I hear we are supposed to get some icing.

Tomorrow is a late start.

The students have more than the usual amount of homework and I do apologize for that. If your family has a full schedule today and something can’t get completed, please send me an email to let me know and your child can turn it in Thursday.

The following things need to be completed:

  1. Weekly Language (Tuesday)
  2. Reading – two “expanding vocabulary words”,  illustration of main idea and supporting details, IF there is an “ice-day” they have a reading assignment to do before Thursday
  3. Math – Succeed p. 11-15 (p. 11-12 are “homework helpers”) and Zearn lesson 3.3
  4. Social Studies — They need to READ pages 204-209, complete the worksheet and answer questions on the back.

Hello Families,

Tonight please ask your student if the following is completed:

  • Journals – Jamestown topic
  • Spelling – rewrite words for practice – spelling words are in the planners
  • Language – verb tense on google classroom
  • Social Studies – worksheet on Plymouth and p. 191 #1-3 on the back

Today I sent home the Learn and Succeed for modules 1 and 2. These can stay at home. I told the kids they can save them or recycle them after you look through them.

Happy Freezing Cold Day!

We really tried to squeeze a lot in today. There are things that need to be finished at home before the kids return to school whenever that may be. Please ask your student to complete the following:

  • Language Review (all of it)
  • Social Studies – Jamestown worksheet, Online reading pages 55-57 and five new facts written on the back
  • Science – Star Research notes (websites and videos are linked to the Blog)
  • Math – Learn p 5-7, Succeed p. 3-6 (please sign the “homework helper page”), Zearn – complete lesson 3.1
  • Read 30 minutes – book or read theory
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