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Mandatory Summer Homework Instructions

If you are going to STEM these instructions are not for you. You must go to the STEM website and read their directions. They are different (still mandatory though).

Everyone else these instructions are for you. These are not “enrichment” or voluntary – you need to do the homework because it will be your first grade in middle school. Do not worry though it is not bad at all and given everything you have been though this will be a piece of cake.

There is a slide presentation attached but I want to stress a few things just so you are aware. Let’s do math first…

  1. Go to the Dearborn School Website
  2. Click on Student portal/page
  3. Click on Clever
  4. Click on Khan Academy (do NOT google search Khan or search for it online or your time will NOT count) you MUST go through Clever
  5. Make sure you see your name on the screen
  6. In the search bar type in “5th grade math”
  7. You need to do one hour a week (if you skip a week then do 2 hours the next week, if you know you are going on vacation you can do 2 hours the week before you leave)
  8. You will need to do Khan for 480 minutes this summer (it seems like a lot but it is not)
  9. Watching the videos on Khan WILL NOT COUNT (sometimes you need to watch a video to understand how to do the work but the time ONLY COUNTS WHEN YOU ARE ACTIVELY SOLVING PROBLEMS – so taking breaks when you are doing Khan WILL NOT COUNT EITHER).
  10. You need to journal the time you are doing Khan and you can check it by clicking “progress” BUT AND THIS IS “BIG BUT” – look at the time spent on exercises NOT the total time because that will include videos and breaks and once again those will NOT count.
  11. If you have any questions there are people to contact in the slide show below or you can contact me – text or email me.

Now let’s do Language Arts (remember the information is also in the slide show but I need to point some things out):

  1. You will need three books to read this summer at grade level. The slide show will tell you they need to be at grade level, no graphic novels or comics, and not something that was read in 5th grade (they know the books we read). There is a list of suggested titles in the slide show.
  2. When you are looking through the slide show click on “Bryant” because all the middle schools are different. Click on the “folder” that pops up and really read it.
  3. You will need to take notes while/after you read the book. The directions are in the slideshow.
  4. You will use those notes for a project when you start middle school.
  5. If you have any questions there are people to contact in the slide show below or you can contact me – text or email me.

Slideshow Presentation with Directions:

Parent Letter Explaining Expectations:

You can begin doing the summer homework on Thursday.

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