Question of the Day… Can I still do the assignment if it’s past the due date?

Yes, you can still complete it for a grade!

Many students are working hard to complete all of their missing work in Google Classroom and Khan Academy (remember to log in through Clever). This shows that you’re really trying.

All of your assignments are still available on Google Classroom. It is organized in reverse chronological order, meaning that week 9 is first. If you scroll down, you’ll find week 8, then week 7, etc.

You may click on the CLASSWORK tab to see the assignments that were assigned and any missing work, along with an INSTRUCTIONS tab. YOU CAN STILL COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT even if it’s past the due date. So, please just do it!

I want you all to do well this final card marking and I would be happy to help you get caught up with your missing assignments. Please email me if you need any help at all!

Stay safe and healthy during quarantine!

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