Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset (Khan Academy)

The following is quoted from Khan Academy.

The truth about the human brain…
“Forty years ago, we seemed to know more about the Moon than we did about how the human brain works. Not anymore! We’re excited to share some exciting new discoveries with you. How does the human brain work?” Khan Academy

“Learning and practicing helps strengthen and change our brain. As we make mistakes, struggle, and persevere, we build new information pathways in the brain.” Khan Academy

The GROWTH MINDSET is the belief that YOU can grow your brain, that your intelligence grows with effort.
Struggling is part of the learning process…. When YOU are LEARNING, especially something that is challenging for you, it’s normal to make mistakes, get confused, or feel frustrated. People with a GROWTH MINDSET view struggle as an OPPORTUNITY to learn, not a sign of weakness or failure.

Here are 2 examples of how your brain changes when you challenge yourself and learn new things:
1) Learning a new language….this strengthens the parts of the brain associated with memory, thought, and action.
2) Practicing a musical instrument….this improves the visual, auditory, and motor sections of the brain. It also strengthens the bridge between the two halves of your brain, allowing messages to get across the brain quicker!
These examples prove that the brain is like a muscle. YOU can make it stronger through exercise, practice and even some struggling!

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