The Ten Commandments of Science Courses*

As you move forward with your education, here are the words of wisdom to live by:

1. Thou Shalt Work the Practice Problems before Reading the Answers.
2. Thou Shalt Memorize Only What Thou Must.
3. Thou Shalt Understand Thy Mechanisms.
4. Thou Shalt Sleep at Night and Not in Class.
5. Thou Shalt Read Ahead Before Class.
6. Thou Shalt Not Fall Behind.
7. Thou Shalt Know How Thou Learn Best.
8. Thou Shalt Not Skip Class.
9. Thou Shalt Ask Questions.
10. Thou Shalt Keep a Positive Outlook.

*Source: Dr. Arthur Winter, a College Professor.

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  1. Razan Nagi says:

    thank you Mr.Saleh without u as my science teacher i wasn’t gonna make it ur an amazing teacher thank you and enjoy ur summer!

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