Classroom Expectations

Please note that at the beginning of the semester or the school year, each student is provided with the classroom expectations that is expected to be signed and dated by the student and followed-up by a parent or legal guardian for a class score.

                         SCIENCE:  MR. SALEH                


1)  Be in your assigned seat by the time the tardy bell rings.

2)  Coming prepared to class means that you should have the following:

A. Textbook  (if one is assigned)

B. 1 Interactive Notebook

C. Pencil (Not Pen) with eraser

D. Loose-leaf paper (straight edge paper is acceptable)

3)  No chewing in class and no bathroom passes unless it is an extreme emergency.

4)  Your work must be neat, legible, and identified correctly. Your first and last name, the date, and class period must appear in the upper right hand corner of your paper.

5)  Failure to use good judgment and poor behavior during any class activity will result in your termination from that activity, and a possible grade of zero may be given should the situation deems it necessary as determined by your teacher.

Grading Policy 

Your grade will be based upon a point system and changed to a letter grade at the end of each marking period. Note that the Dearborn Public Schools have modified the grading procedure into two major categories:

  1. Summative Assessment: 80% (Exams, Projects, Products, & Demonstrations)
  2. Formative Assessment: 20% (Homework, Pop Quizzes, Inquiry Activities, Participation & Attendance)

Late Assignments: Note that a past-due assignment will be given three school days only to be turned in for partial credit; otherwise, the “temporary zero”, which would had been the holding place for the score earned becomes permanent. Absenteeism during a test will be made up on Fridays after school only and within an eight-day period of the actual test day. Absent student(s) MUST see the classroom teacher for guidance for the missed test. Remember that the makeup test can be different from the original test and has NO retake.

Test retakes will be considered by the teacher if the teacher believes that a student performed poorly on the test compared to other students, usually below the seventy-percentile.


Test retakes will be authorized by the teacher once all required information completed and submitted back to the teacher. This must be done within eight (8) school days after the test has been returned to all students.

Note that a test retake can be authorized if the student were absent on the day of the test, and it will be the official test score for that student with no retakes.

Once the cumulative, numerical value is determined for each student, the score is converted to a letter grade as follows:

A+ = 96.5 ; A = 93; A- = 89.5; B+ = 86.5; B = 83; B- = 79.5; C+ = 76.5; C = 73; C- = 69.5; D+ = 66.5; D = 63; D- = 59.5; E = 59 or less.

Students are highly recommended to subscribe to our iblog in order to stay up-to-date on pertinent classroom information; otherwise, students need to check it daily for updates.


STUDENT BEHAVIOR – At all times students should conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a learning environment. This means being polite and courteous, respecting others’ rights, having an open mind to new ideas, and concepts, and fulfilling student responsibilities as listed in the Dearborn Student Code of Conduct.

SPECIFIC RULES – The following are examples of behaviors that are disruptive to the classroom environment and will not be tolerated:

  1. Excessive talking
  2. Out of seat or assigned seat
  3. Tardiness and / or unpreparedness
  4. Making fun of other students
  5. Hitting, pushing, or touching others
  6. Vulgar language, gestures, or behaviors
  7. Vandalism or littering
  8. Disrespect to the teacher

CONSEQUENCES: If a student behaves in one or more of the manners listed above during the same class period, the following action will be taken:

1st infraction – verbal warning

2nd infraction – teacher consultation with student

3rd infraction – office referral and call home

4th infraction – office referral and parent conference

Most importantly – Students will be experiencing a learning task the maximum time they are in the classroom. The above stated rules and/or policies are intended to facilitate a learning environment and will be consistently enforced throughout the year. Any problems will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

I HAVE READ THE RULES AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THEM ________________                                                                                                                                                         Student Name & Class Period

Dear Parents / Guardians:

As I know that you are concerned for your child’s education, I appreciate your cooperation and assistance in ensuring that your child receives the best possible educational experience. Please read these classroom expectations with your child and discuss the relationship to the expectations of behavior in the adult work world. Also, please indicate below your signature and the numbers you may be reached by phone during the day and evening. Thank you!

I HAVE READ THE RULES _________________________________

Day phone number _______________ Time _________________

Evening phone number ____________ Time _________________

*Rules & Policies Source: Jim Milotz, Former Science Teacher, Edsel Ford High School*

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  1. Yaseen Nasser says:

    When I hit print it says 3 pages should I print 3 pages

    • Mr. Saleh says:

      You need to print the last part that starts with “Most importantly…..” to the end of the page. Sign it. Have parent or legal guardian also sign on the second line along with a contact phone number and time.

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