In the science curriculum, we’ll explore new ideas and concepts that will play a key role in our daily lives.

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  1. Aya says:

    Hi Mr Saleh.I was wondering why I still have a B+ in your class.I had a B+ and a percentage of 88.8% in your class after taking the test on Thursday.After completing the 10 summaries point vocabulary word search and had a score of 10/10 why did my grade only go up to a 88.9% and still a B+?I am curious and would appreciate it if you reply.

    • Mr. Saleh says:

      Aya, the summative scores have much greater impact on the overall grade, as compared to the formative scores. Every 1 summative point equals eight formative points. That is how it is done at Woodworth.

  2. Rukhaya Ouza says:

    Hello, Mr.Saleh I have been trying my very best in class but yet I am still not doing good. I’m not saying this as a rude comment but sometimes I do good and make a tiny mistake and my grade goes back down because of how many points were taking off. Could you please give another summative assignment and I got one wrong on the test and it took me up by a decimal and not a percent. I’m just trying my best to at least get an A- in your class.
    Thank You for understanding

    • Mr. Saleh says:

      You will have another summative evaluation this coming Friday on speed through several problem-solving situations. Read the blog that I have already posted yesterday after school.

  3. Student says:

    Mr. saleh I would like if you could put the four things we need for the annotations for the article due on November 7th, 2018

  4. Ammar A. says:

    Mr.Saleh For our homework for 12/18/18 when I typed in the link it brought me to youtube and said video unavaliable.

  5. wael nasser says:

    mr.saleh can you give me the remind me the name of that thing that measures the sound of the earthquake

  6. Asma Alzayadi says:

    Mr. Saleh I still couldn’t find out the district password to work on my assignments. Could you try to do something about please

  7. Asma Alzayadi says:

    Mr. Saleh I still couldn’t find out the district password to work on my assignments.

  8. wael nasser says:

    so starting monday you’re saying I can redo work under 50%

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