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Please note that at the beginning of the semester each student is given a copy of our classroom expectations that is signed and dated by the student and followed-up by a parent or legal guardian.

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  1. hello Mr.Salehm what did i miss today plz text back

  2. Hammam says:

    oof i dont have microsoft office to look at the study guide

    • Mr. Saleh says:

      Here is the Midterm Study Guide

      1. Make observations and inferences

      2. Review Newton’s Laws and be able to identify examples of each

      Solve the following problems

      3. What is the acceleration of a 5000 g object pushed with a force of 10 newtons?

      4. How much time does it take for a bird flying at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour to travel a distance of 360,000 meters?

      5. If an object has mass of 2,000 grams moving at 9 m/s, determine its K.E.

      6. Explain data from a chart

      7. Be able to determine net force and direction

      8. Explain a string on a ball variables.

      9. What factors affect the strength of an electromagnet?

      10. Know claim and evidence for the car/elephant CER

  3. Albarra says:

    When is our final

    • Mr. Saleh says:

      Albarra, if you had been paying enough attention in class in the past couple of weeks, you would have known that the date for our final exam has been scheduled for June 12, 2019. You need to stay focused and ignore others around you, so that you can finish the school year on a high note!

  4. razan nagi says:

    hi mr.saleh i dont see the form we are supposed to sighn

  5. hassan berri says:

    mr.saleh how do u print the paper were my parents have to sign there is no link so how do i get it?

    • Mr. Saleh says:

      Look at the icon on top of the homepage of the iblog for Classroom Expectations. See below:

      Home About Class Info Class Links Classroom Expectations Foreign Language Assistance

      Click on it on the iblog homepage, and it will open up, and you can read it and print it for your reference. Do not forget to sign it and have a parent or legal guardian sign it and bring in the last section that starts with ” Most importantly….”

  6. Ali alyasiry says:

    Due to the three weeks of no school of the effect of the chronovirus how will we access your ilearn or google classroom

  7. Asma ALzayadi says:

    Mr. Saleh I forgot my district password because I just changed it and it would not let me into google classroom, so I can’t do your assignments can you please reset my passwords.

  8. Asma Alzayadi says:

    I can’t check my email because I need my password.

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