Weekly Schedule 7th grade

Stout Middle School

Weekly Google Meet Schedule for 7th Grade Students

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Office Hours4:00 – 5:00WiacekWooton3:00-4:00Bourdage9:00 – 11:00All other teachers
10:00 – 11:00WiacekWootonBourdage

During office hours, teachers will be available online to answer questions from students and families. Teachers may also be available to talk over the phone or using Google Meet.

9:009:00 – 9:45Art (Atkinson)Band (Kwiecien)Choir (Walters)ELA Lab (Furkioti)9:00 – 9:45AVID (Liggett)9:00 – 9:45Comp. Apps (Cifaldi)Con. Spanish (Martinez)ELA Lab (Furkioti)Orchestra (Kwiecien)Technology (Fulton)9:00 – 9:45Leadership (Liggett)9:00 – 10:00Teacher Office Hours
10:0010:00 – 10:45ELA (Wiacek)Blog and ilearnELA (Wooton)Blog and ilearn10:00 – 10:45
Math (Sleiman)
Math (Woolley) ilearnAdvanced Math7th Grade Math
10:00 – 10:45ELA (Wiacek)Blog and ilearnELA (Wooton)Blog and ilearn10:00 – 10:45Math (Sleiman)Math (Woolley) ilearnAdvanced Math7th Grade Math10:00 – 11:00Teacher Office Hours
11:0011:00 – 11:45 World History (Rancilio)World History (Serazio)11:00 – 11:45
Science (Bourdage)Blog and ilearn
Science (Haddad)
11:00 – 11:45 World History (Rancilio)World History (Serazio)11:00 – 11:45Science (Bourdage)Blog and ilearnScience (Haddad)11:00 – 11:30Advisory
11:45Lunch BreakLunch BreakLunch BreakLunch BreakLunch Break
12:1512:15 – 1:00Art (Atkinson)Computer Apps (Cifaldi)12:15 – 1:00PE (Foreman)PE (Hojnicki)PE (Layson)PE (Theisen)PE (Vietinghoff)12:15 – 1:00Computer Apps (Cifaldi)Study Skills (Arseneau)12:15 – 1:00AVID (Liggett)PE (Foreman)PE (Layson)PE (Theisen)PE (Vietinghoff)Study Skills (Flatt)
1:151:15 – 2:00ELA (Wiacek)Blog and ilearnELA (Wooton/Arseneau)Blog and ilearnELA (Hojeije)1:15 – 2:00Math (Sabra)Math (Sleiman)Math (Woolley) ilearnAdvanced Math7th Grade Math1:15 – 2:00ELAELA (Wiacek)Blog and ilearn(Wooton/Arseneau)Blog and ilearnELA (Hojeije)1:15 – 2:00Pre-Algebra (Sleiman)Math (Woolley) ilearnAdvanced Math7th Grade Math
2:152:15 – 3:00 World History (Rancilio)W History (Serazio/Saad)2:15 – 3:00Science (Bourdage/Saeed)Science (Haddad)2:15 – 3:00 World History (Rancilio)World History (Serazio)2:15 – 3:00Science (Bourdage)Science (Haddad)

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