Stout Middle School Bilingual Team

             6th -8th Grade

             Welcome to Stout Middle School Bilingual Program.  This year is going to be an interesting and exciting year for all of us. GOOGLE E-MAIL will continue to be in effect for better communications between students and teachers.

We will implement Restorative Practices this year to encourage students to make good behavior choices. The Bilingual team is looking forward to providing all students with a positive learning experience.

The Bilingual team would like to share the classroom expectations, rewards and consequences. Please take time to read this over and discuss at home. After reading, please sign the next page and return to your A/A teacher. Thank you!

Your bilingual teachers,

Mariam Hojeije (

Nehmat Sabra (

Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful

– respect each individual in your class

-use appropriate language

Be responsible

-be on time to class

– bring all required materials to class

– participate in classroom discussions and activities

Be safe

-learn and follow each classroom’s expectations

-keep bags/purses in lockers

Feel free to do anything that doesn’t cause a problem for yourself or anyone else

 Purpose of Class:

The purpose of this class is to enhance student’s success academically and linguistically through enriching activities that relate to real world experiences.

Please return this letter with your signature, as well as your parents.  Feel free to contact us via email, IBLOG or by phone at 313 827-4600



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