Oct 12

Making Connections & The Use of Sentence Stems for Learning Target(s)

During yesterday’s Advisory period, Mr. Tapp & I taught eighth (8th) grade students about making connections (Thanks to Mrs. Wiacek for the great lesson).

Our framing question students considered…

Water of Visibility displayed to students.  People are like iceberg’s.  The iceberg above the water is only a small part of the whole thing.  The largest part of the iceberg is hidden below the water and can only be seen when you are close enough to investigate.  This then, is similar in people 🙂 

A work product of an eighth (8th) grade student:

Here are one of  my class(es) Learning Target(s) from yesterday, where we asked student’s to complete the sentence stem.  Here at Stout we are respectful, responsible and safe, always,…in the classroom, in the gym, in the locker room, in the cafeteria, hallways, etc. 


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Oct 10

13 More Days Until the 6th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross-Country Run

As a reminder, the 6th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross-Country Run will be held on Monday, October 23, 2017.  Middle School students who would like to participate need to complete their permission slips and hand them in to Ms. Layson, Mrs. Foreman, Mr. Tapp, and/or myself by tomorrow: Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

Here is the link once again to print-out & complete the permission slip:


Here is Dearborn Public Schools’ press release regarding the Race:


Yours in Education,

Mr. Vietinghoff

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Oct 08

HYPE Athletics 2017-2018 Premier Winter Basketball League

For all Stout Falcons grades 6th – 8th grade, please consider participating in HYPE Athletics Premier Winter Basketball League for the 2017-2018 school year.  See more information below.   All try-out(s) take place in early November at the HYPE Recreation Center (23302 West Warren Avenue, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127).

For more information, please call (313) 436-0043.

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Oct 04

Soccer Action Shots from Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Yesterday Learning Target(s):  I can run one (1) mile in under 13:00 minutes while performing my personal best and then participate in a choice of either two-hand touch football or team soccer with respect, responsibility, and safety.

Great Action Shots captured via an iPhone 7.

Team(s) lining-up for the start of a soccer game, this is known as a kick-off.

Good foot-work & control of the soccer ball.


Soccer Throw-In(s)…this is when the soccer ball goes out-of-play and the game is restarted.


Seventh (7th) grade student’s ‘huddle-up’ for a class shot! 🙂

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Sep 28

Circle it Up…”Do I Belong?”

During Advisory for Mrs. Reed’s eighth (8th) grade class, Mr. Tapp & I  facilitated a circle with the theme…”Do I belong?”  Which is worse – being laughed at by other students or being ignored by them?  Here is the brief video that went along with the morning’s lesson:


Thoughtful and intentionally responses from our eighth (8th) grade students.  Thank-you for sharing your thoughts & ideas, boys & girls and for making Stout Middle School a caring community school-wide!

Students were asked to think of one person they see during the day who seems to be excluded. They may have seen that person on the bus, at lunch, or in physical education, in the hall during passing time, or in any classroom.  Students then went ahead and thought  of one thing they could do to make that person feel more included. 

**This lesson was presented school-wide thanks to the efforts and contributions of Mrs. Wiacek! 🙂 

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Sep 16

I Can! :)

I can successfully complete the one (1) mile run while performing my personal best!

Actions shots capture all of our outstanding 6th-8th grade students running at their finest! 🙂

Running is, and always will be one of great ways young people can increase and/or maintain their cardiovascular fitness level(s).  It doesn’t cost anything or require equipment; and it can be done almost anytime.  Even in the winter.

Eighth (8th) grade student Kath Mujalli on his way to completing his mile and earning his personal best time while at Stout!

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Sep 12

Welcome Mr. Mccathney & First Weeks Learning Targets

Welcome Mr. Don Mccathney!  It is his first (1st) year here at Stout Middle School and he will be joining the Physical Education Department after serving students from our Edsel Ford High School, which is a part of our feeder collaboration, along with Dearborn High School.  Mr. Mccathney taught physical education and team sports for twenty seven (27) years before coming to Stout Middle School.  He will be teaching in the afternoon 6th grade boys’ physical education, only.  Welcome, Mr. Mccathney!

One of our Learning Target(s) from last week so that all of our students at Stout Middle School who participate in physical education model & learn the expectations for a successful learning experience:

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