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Written By: Ms. Layson - May• 04•20

Make sure you are signed up in google classroom for PE. This is where assignments and lessons are being posted. Email Ms. Layson if you are not signed up in google classroom and I will resend the code for you to join. Email address:

Also, make sure you go to “District Middle School PE Blog” link under “Class Links” on the lower right side of the page for workouts posted each day this week.


Written By: Ms. Layson - Apr• 26•20

APRIL 27th 1-3pm, Stout Middle School

If you need a chromebook, fill out the form blow using the link.

You must fill out the form below before picking up a chromebook.

April 20, 2020

Written By: Ms. Layson - Apr• 20•20
  • Make sure you check your school email in order to sign up for my google classroom for PE.
  • For the Google Meets…follow the schedule that you received from Stout. Mrs. Foreman and I will send a meeting code for you to enter to join the Google Meet. We will send the code using announcements in Google Classroom approximately 5 minutes before the Google Meet is to start.
  • Under class links on the front page of this blog, click on “DISTRICT MIDDLE SCHOOL PE” and it will take you to the Workouts and Nutrition Activities for the day. So far there are over 25 workouts provided.

More Fun Activities!

Written By: Ms. Layson - Apr• 14•20

Hi Everyone! I hope you are doing well. If you have not checked out the activities on the link below, please do so. There are a variety of work outs and nutritional challenges. Now, go have some fun and feel free to send me a video or pic from your workout!

WOOHOO SUPER FUN Workouts and Activities!

Written By: Ms. Layson - Mar• 30•20

Hi Everyone! I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and active. I have posted some SUPER FUN activities for each day from the DShines grant we are working with thru Wayne State University. Both you and your family can do the work outs. The activities include: dance, yoga, upper and lower body strength, core/abdominal strength and a nutritional activity. So, check it out and let me know how you are doing with it! You can log your activity each day by writing down the which lessons you participated in and how long you were active. I would LOVE to see what you are doing so, send a video or pic of you participating in the activities! Make my day!

I have attached the link to the DShines lessons below as well as under the tab, “Online Learning”. It is important to note that once you click on the link, you also need to click on the shaded arrow in the top right corner of the site to download the document. This will provide you with immediate access to all the live links so that way you can go directly to the activities.

This is the link for activities in English:

This is the link for the activities in Arabic :


Written By: Ms. Layson - Mar• 18•20

Hello everyone,

I hope you are being active and staying healthy. Make sure to check out the activities under the “Online Learning” tab on the menu. There is information about the 5 areas of fitness that we work on in class. I included websites, tips, and pointers for each area of fitness for you to work on each day and check out. The Physical Education Department at Stout has also added some some activities for you to do each day. There are questions you can answer after you complete the daily activity. This is called the “Physical Education Checklist”.

Online Information

Written By: Ms. Layson - Mar• 16•20

Hi Everyone,

I have added some Physical Education and Health information and activities for you to use during the shut down. Click on the Online Learning tab. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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