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January 27th

How is it already the end of January??? Time is simply flying by!

We were VERY busy this week! I conducted our mid-year testing and was excited to see how much progress the children are making! Please keep working on letters and using scissors at home. These are 2 things that will be SUPER important for kindergarten and I want them ready to go! If you need ideas or help, just ask!

We focused on the story “Going On A Bear Hunt” this week! The children absolutely LOVE it. In their backpacks you will find a “map” and the words of the story. Have your child grab a lego figurine, a barbie, car, etc. and they can retell the story and move their figure around the map.

Here is the story if you want watch it or help them to remember how it goes 🙂

Just as an FYI, I will be out of the classroom on Monday, due to a death in the family. Mrs. Hamade and a substitute teacher will be here, and they have lots of fun planned!

Please stay safe and warm this weekend, and I will see you all on Tuesday when I return. Thanks!

Here is the link to our class photos if you haven’t checked it out in a while!

January News + Updates

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our math ZOOM parent meeting!

The children seemed like they enjoyed it, and hopefully you have a couple of new math games you can play at home together. 🙂

Our meeting was held on ZOOM out of an abundance of caution, since the COVID cases have been so high as of late. GSRP PreK administration made the call to hold the meeting virtually in order to keep everyone safe. I am so proud of how well the kids did for their first time on a learning Zoom! Everyone logged on ON TIME and participated!

Our next parent meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 17th!

Mrs. Hamade and I did a deep clean in our room, we wiped, washed, and sanitized high touch areas, the kids personal things in the classroom (white boards, markers, etc.) and the toys, shelves, etc. We are trying our best to keep everyone safe + healthy! We do this regularly especially during peak illness seasons. We appreciate you sending your child with a well fitting CLEAN mask each day, and encouraging the same healthy behaviors at home as at school. Washing hands for 20 seconds, eating good foods, drinking water, getting exercise! This all plays a huge role in keeping us all as healthy as can be.

Ms. Zahraa from the LAHC healthy living program has also been reteaching these skills, and will be visiting us for the last time next week on Wednesday! If you could please complete her survey either online or send back the packet. You do NOT have to do both! Whichever is easier for you is perfect!

  • Upcoming Dates:
  • January 17th: No school for MLK Jr. Day
  • January 24th: 1/2 day of school pick up at 11:10

In the classroom, we have been doing a lot of activities around snow and will continue on with snowmen next week! We painted a Snowy Day picture with q-tips and sponges to go along with the story we read this week. We also held a chair wash, and have been getting lots of exercise exploring our school and playing new games.

Below is a video version of the story we read! It is short and animated, it would be awesome to watch it with your child, and have them tell you about which part of the story they painted! As you can see they each were able to include the main character Peter, into their art! Have a wonderful long weekend! See you on Tuesday!

Thursday January 13th ZOOM Parent Meeting

This is a REQUIRED event, attendance will be counted, per GSRP guidelines + administration 

We will be meeting on ZOOM this month for our parent meeting. Each meeting will be about 30 minutes long, and will be a parent-child shared activity led by the teachers. Materials will be sent home prior to the meeting. Please keep them in a safe place until the meeting begins so your child is ready to learn! You will be able to access the ZOOM meeting from any phone, tablet or computer. If you do NOT have a device to use, please let us know asap as Cotter has a few Chromebooks that can be lent out. 

ZOOM Link:

Please click this link at the start of your designated meeting time. 

You will be automatically placed in a waiting room, and the teacher will let you into the meeting when it is time to begin. 

Meeting #1 9:00-9:30Mansoor Abdullah Eleen Athena
Meeting #2 9:30-10:00Mohammed Al-Rukhami Malik Emma Ryan 
Meeting #3 10:00-10:30Mohammad AlSayyed Dena Lena Musa 
Meeting #4 10:30-11:00 Hussein Aya Sirine Jouri 

اجتماع الوالدين لشهر يناير

هذا حدث مطلوب ، سيتم احتساب الحضور ، وفقًا لإرشادات GSRP + الإدارة

سنلتقي في ZOOM هذا الشهر لحضور اجتماع الوالدين. سيكون كل اجتماع مدته حوالي 30 دقيقة ، وسيكون نشاطًا مشتركًا بين الوالدين والطفل بقيادة المعلمين. سيتم إرسال المواد إلى المنزل قبل الاجتماع. يرجى الاحتفاظ بها في مكان آمن حتى يبدأ الاجتماع حتى يكون طفلك جاهزًا للتعلم!

ستتمكن من الوصول إلى اجتماع ZOOM من أي هاتف أو جهاز لوحي أو كمبيوتر. إذا لم يكن لديك جهاز لاستخدامه ، فالرجاء إخبارنا في أسرع وقت ممكن حيث أن Cotter لديها عدد قليل من أجهزة Chromebook التي يمكن إعارتها.

رابط ZOOM:

الرجاء النقر فوق هذا الارتباط في بداية الوقت المحدد للاجتماع.

سيتم وضعك تلقائيًا في غرفة الانتظار ، وسيتيح لك المعلم حضور الاجتماع عندما يحين وقت البدء.


Meeting #1 9:00-9:30Mansoor Abdullah Eleen Athena
Meeting #2 9:30-10:00Mohammed Al-Rukhami Malik Emma Ryan 
Meeting #3 10:00-10:30Mohammad AlSayyed Dena Lena Musa 
Meeting #4 10:30-11:00 Hussein Aya Sirine Jouri 

Happy New Year + Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a healthy and restful winter break! I wanted to quickly touch base with everyone before we head back into the classroom!

A few reminders:

  • Bring a blanket
  • Bring BOOTS and SHOES/slippers, gloves, hats, etc. WINTER is HERE and we are going to PLAY!
  • Arrival: 8:35-8:45 after 8:45 your child is marked TARDY
  • Dismissal: 3:20-3:30
  • On inclement weather days, please wait in your car or plan to arrive in the 10 min window of time so you are not stuck in the cold. Due to COVID precautions we cannot all gather in the building.
  • IF you are late, PLEASE go through the front office. It is NOT ok to knock on doors and ask students and other teachers to let you in. This is a HUGE safety issue that we must adhere to.

BEST NEWS EVER: OUR PLUMBING HAS BEEN FIXED!!! We can use the restroom + sinks in our classroom again!!! YAY!!!!

Please clean out backpacks/folders before coming back to school! Pack a couple of extra masks in a baggie (so we can tell the clean ones from the dirty!) Red folders, extra shoes and snow gear should be all the children come back with. All books, crafts, papers, etc. should be left at home. Below is our January calendar just in case you misplaced the one we sent home before the break. Take note of the parent meeting date, so it doesn’t come as a surprise!

We can’t wait to see you all on Monday January 3rd! Please keep in mind the stricter sick policy that Dearborn Schools has in place, and as always, let me know ahead of time if your child will not be attending due to illness. Thank you for your cooperation!

see you in class