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Ms. Reid GSRP PreSchool

!!!! Parent Meeting!!!!

Reminder: this Thursday October 19, 2017 will be our 2nd parent meeting! We will begin promptly at 9:00, please arrive on time. The meeting will be about an hour, we will begin with a short presentation on building independence and working on fine motor skills. This is a parent + child meeting, following the presentation we will have activities for parents to do along with their child. We strongly encourage you to find alternate care for younger siblings, as this is a great time to get some one on one time with your preschooler. Children will leave with parents at the conclusion of the meeting. See me with any questions! 

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Classroom Pictures

Hi everyone!

I have created a shortcut for everyone to easily access the pictures I take throughout the year. I have them in a Google photos album that I am sharing with you, to view only. Use the link below to see everything we have been working on, and then I will continue to update through here and on Remind 101. If you look to the right –> there is a tab that says “classroom photos” this will also take you to the same link at any time. I will try to update the photos every few days/at least once a week, so you can get a peek at what we are up to. Hope this is helpful! I know it will save me a ton of time trying to get pictures to all of you. Please see me with any questions!

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Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!🍎🍊🌽🥒 

I will preach to you all year about leading by example. We eat with the kids for all meals and snacks, to encourage healthy eating, manners, and table conversation. Today no one really wanted to try the oranges, so I used mine to make a silly face, and low and behold, the kids at my table started eating their oranges too. Soooo, some fun with our food ensued, BUT the oranges went from being untouched to eaten! 😃

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Getting to Know Our Room

Welcome to our classroom blog! This is where I will be sharing information and pictures about what we are doing in the room. This is the fastest and easiest way for me to share a lot in one place! Plus you can come back and look again and again with your child. It should also help you talk to your child about what we are doing in the classroom.

The last 2 weeks, we have spent a lot of time getting used to our daily routine, classroom rules, each other, and the materials in the classroom. Our classroom is divided up into interest areas, that are all clearly labeled, and organized according to what goes in each area. We are currently have house area, block area, book area, writing area, art area, toy area, play-dough table, and sensory table. We will add to our room as the year goes on. We have spent time in small groups in each area, learning how to use the materials, and how to clean them up! We all chip in at clean up time, so we take the time to teach them how to clean up from the very beginning.

A few big parts of our day include, greeting time, small group time, planing, work time, recall, and large group. Each of these times of the day give the children to work as a group, small group or individuals. We get lots of chances for problem solving, and for children to try new things. I will go into more detail about each time of our day in later blog posts! Stay tuned!

The following are some pictures of the kids getting to know the room, either in small group or during work time (free choice). I try my best to get pictures of everyone, but if someone is absent, camera shy, or moves around a lot I don’t always catch everyone. It is never purposeful, please be patient with me, I will get pictures of everyone as we go throughout the year! Thanks!

As always see me with any questions

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Remind Texts 



Make sure you are signed up for my Remind 101 updates! See me if you have any questions!

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