Ms. Reid & Mrs. Hamade GSRP Preschool

Ms. Reid GSRP PreSchool

Parent meeting catch up

Click on the link above for exciting news from Scholastic! They make it super easy to order online. I will be getting the children the $1 books for their book boxes!

If you missed the parent meeting you can catch up using the link above to review the presentation we went over today!


Thank you to everyone who came today, and participated in the meeting I hope you learned some and had fun with your child.


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Parent meeting tomorrow at 8:45! PLEASE be on time! I am excited to share lots of great ideas and activities with you! Parents attend with children and children go home following the meeting. 

Dearborn GSRP Preschool is now on Instagram! Follow us @dearborncotterschool 


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Tips & Tricks!

Just a quick friendly reminder! Please, please, please arrive for the beginning and end of the day on time! Thank you! 

“W” Sitting 

I have noticed MANY of our students sitting in a “W” position.  When children sit in this manner it is a sign of a lack of trunk muscles, and can lead to tightening of the muscles in the hips and thighs. I invite the children to sit criss cross applesauce or to lay down when playing to avoid sitting like this. Please also work on it from home.

Want more info? Read more from Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy Services here:


Scissor skills!

We are working on introducing scissors and the proper way to hold them. Any practice your child can do at home would be amazing!! We try to encourage the children to keep their thumb up, and elbow down to maintain control of the scissors, and be using them in a safe way. I draw a small smiley face on their thumb to help remind them to keep their thumb up (see image below). Scissors are a tough fine motor skill to master, so we try to get them into the children’s hands as often as we can. Don’t be afraid to try them at home.


As always, please talk to me if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to partner with you! Have a great weekend! 

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Away we go!

Happy 1st full week of school! We made it!

I am so excited to see what this year will bring. The children are transitioning into school beautifully. We are working on routines and procedures and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. We have had a few tears, but that is expected, and I promise it gets easier the more consistent we all stay.

We have been introducing the children to the areas in the room, and what materials are available to them. We have been spending time outside, and on our rainy Thursday we got to go to the gym for the 1st time. The children are already picking up on so much.

We also welcomed 8 new chameleons to our classroom, and we will be naming them next week. The children are loving them!

Please be sure to return any missing paperwork. MANY of you need to turn in a 2nd form of residency, this is a cable, internet or phone bill. I already have your DTE bill so I need an alternate bill. Thanks so much!

Thank you to everyone who has been picking up and dropping off on time, it means the world to both myself and the children! Consistency is KEY in PreK!


Have a great weekend and please don’t hesitate to ask questions, we are here for you!

Want to see photos of how awesome our 1st week? Click the link below!


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