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Ms. Reid GSRP PreSchool

Friday Firefighters

Dearborn Fire Dept. takes the kids on a tour of a pump truck and a ladder truck! Enjoy! A fun follow up would be to compare and contrast the 2 types of firetrucks, write a thank you note for the firefighters, or journal about what you saw in the videos!

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Thursday, June 4th

Happy Last Day of Virtual Learning! What a crazy whirlwind this has been! Here is a video message and story from Ms. Reid

Normally, I would say everything in person, and we would watch a slideshow together, so here is my makeshift way of doing so. Start this playlist (sorry if there are ads) and then click on the link for the google photo album and hit slideshow. Sit back and enjoy the memories!

  1. Song playlist on the left it says play all, click that
  2. Google photo album click the 3 dots in the top right corner, and click slideshow

Today we are going to talk about shadows. We see them inside and we see them outside. They can be big and small, round and skinny. Have fun with these activities. Please remember to send me pictures for evidence of learning. I need to see that they are participating!

Literacy: Shadow Night

Science: Now it’s your turn to try to make shadows today. You can use a lamp or the light on a cell phone onto the wall. Can you make…. 

  • -numbers
  • -shapes
  • -any letters
  • -bunny ears
  • -any other animals like they did in the book

Movement: Shadow dancing: turn on some songs and dance in front of a lamp/flashlight and watch what your shadow does on the wall!

Sight word of the day: not

Worktime: 1 hour screen free, play time

Keep learning all summer long! Make it fun and playful! Craft, read, count, play games, get outside! Name writing and recogntion, numbers/counting, and alphabet are top priority! Reach out if you need us! 🙂

Have a wonderful and safe summer! Best wishes to you all!

Love, Ms. Reid + Mrs. Hamade

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Wednesday, June 3rd

Watch the video about Grover trying to take care of his plants! Silly old Grover! Does he do anything like Fran did in our story yesterday? hmmm?

Using a paper plate, or some paper, make a sun or a flower! Write your name in the middle of it, and then write each letter on a petal or ray. Can you do your first and last name? Maybe you need to make 2 so it will fit? Have fun and be creative! The above is just an example to get you thinking!

Math: Play the subitizing game (again) with your dice. Roll them quick and say the number! This is a great skill to practice and get good at!

Sight word of the day: but

Movement: Flowers like fresh air! If you have a bike or a scooter get outside and ride like the wind! If you don’t maybe a game of tag or hide and seek with your brothers and sisters!

Worktime: 1 hour screen free play

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Tuesday, June 2nd

Tuesday: Grow Flower Grow

Math/Reading/Writing: Listen to the story of Grow Flower Grow, then use your sidewalk chalk today to draw your own garden of flowers. If the weather is bad or you are out of sidewalk chalk, use paper and crayons, markers, paint and draw a garden and then label it! I drew 7 flowers, I drew 1 sun, 1 drew 15 bees, etc. Have fun and be creative! Make sure you take a picture and show me your beautiful gardens!

Can you draw:

daisies tulips   black eyed susan

bumblebees trees

Sight word of the day: do

Movement: can you help mom or dad take care of some plants outside? Can you help water, pull some weeds? Ask what you can do to be helpful outside! Maybe even a walk to pick up trash in your neighborhood!

Worktime: 1 hour of screen free play

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Monday, June 1st

Seeds, flowers and plants oh my!

Watch this video on how a seed grows into a plant:

In your journal draw a plant of your own design! Be sure to label the seed, roots, stem, flower and leaves!

Sight word of the day: look

Math: Are there flowers in your yard? On your street? In your neighborhood? Today for math I want you take some paper with you and write down how many flowers you see? How many red? How many yellow?

Options: tally the flowers you see, make a graph of the different colors of flowers that you see on your walk, count petals on flowers, draw the flowers that you see.

Movement: Today you are going to do some yoga to stretch out your bodies.

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Friday Firefighters

Dearborn Fire Dept is back with another video! Enjoy! I would love to see some journals about fire trucks or homemade fire trucks! 🙂

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Thursday, May 28th

Ms. Reid reads The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

The Pigeon Has To Go To School

Listen to the story here:

After listening to all of the Pigeon stories, choose one of the following activities to do in your journal:

  1. Draw about your favorite pigeon story and tell me why you liked it
  2. Can you make up your own story about something silly pigeon might do?
  3. What would you say to pigeon if he was trying to get you to let him skip his bath, or drive the bus?

Math: Wash out an egg carton and write the numbers 0 through 11 in the bottom of each egg spot (see picture). Then use two small objects, like pom poms, 2 fruit loops, 2 legos, etc. put them inside the egg carton and shake, shake, shake! Open the egg carton and add up the numbers where the pieces landed!

Write it on a piece of paper as you go, you can draw dots/lines to help you add as you go! Or the counters Ms. Reid gave you in your learning bags!

Movement: Today we are going to play follow me/Simon Says . Have your brother/sister/mom/dad do a motion like 5 jumping jacks and you copy them. Here are some ideas.

-Hop on one leg 3 times

-Crawl for 1 minute

-Do 4 somersaults

-Clap 15 times

Sight word of the day: at

Worktime: 1 hour screen free play time

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Kindergarten info and other updates

Mrs. Hamade and myself are heading to the classroom tomorrow to pack it up for the summer. When we are done, we will be out in the parking lot for a brief period of time for you to come and pick up your child’s end of the year items. As much as we loved coming to you, it took us well over 2 hours to get to every house, so if you could do us a huge favor and come to us this time, it would be super helpful. We only have next week left as far as lessons go, and then I will do a end of the year video that last week, and we will make some calls home. See pic for more information about tomorrow.

Your child is already registered for kindergarten. I will be moving all of the paperwork that you turned in for preschool to the school for kindergarten. IF you have moved at any point through the year, it is your duty to inform the school and meet district requirements. I do forward on correct addresses, so they will know and will be asking for the required paperwork. If you have not moved, then you are all set. Below is a short slide show about what to expect for K, ideas for the summer, and information from the school nurses about medical needs. If you have any questions about this information you can ask, or when we do final calls home we can talk about as well. Just let me know if you need anything! This is like our parent meeting, without the part where I have to stand and talk to you for 20 minutes. 🙂 vaccinations link health appraisal form medication authorization form Medications at school link school nurses contact info
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Wednesday, May 27th

Wednesday: The Pigeon Needs a Bath

Listen to the story here: 

Math/Science: Let’s blow bubbles. I want you to have fun blowing bubbles today. Try to blow big bubbles and small bubbles. Can you count how many bubbles you blow at one time. If you don’t have bubbles, here is an easy recipe to make some!

How to Make Homemade Bubbles


  • 4 cups warm water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup blue Dawn dish soap
  • Step #1. Whisk the sugar and water. until the sugar dissolves
  • Step #2. Whisk in the soap. into the sugar water

Now you are all set! Use a pipe cleaner for a wand, or use some old bubble wands that you have around the house! Fly swatters make fun bubble wands too!

Movement: When things get dirty in your house who cleans it? I bet your mom does! Well today I want you to help your mom clean. You could wash dishes in the sink. Or unload the dishwasher. Fold towels. Or sweep the floor. Show me pictures of what you cleaned. I am sure mom will appreciate it. Moms, they may not do it perfectly but praise them for how well they do and show them how to do it if they are having a hard time.

Sight word of the day: yes

Worktime: 1 hour, screen free play time

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Tuesday, May 26th

Pigeon is a new character I want to introduce the kids to.We are going to have some fun this week checking out some of the different stories and doing some activities to go along with them! This week we will be doing a lot of drawing and creating! Enjoy 🙂

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Listen to the story here: 

Math: Did you let the pigeon drive the bus?! I don’t think I would. I wouldn’t want him to crash. I want you to now create your own bus using boxes in your house or the cushions from your couch to make your own bus for the pigeon. What can you use for the wheels? What can you use for the steering wheel? How many wheels will it have? Will it be a long bus or a short bus? Will the bus be huge or tiny? Can’t wait to see your creations. Make sure your mom takes a picture and shares it with me.

Movement: The pigeon showed lots of different emotions in this story. What emotions did you see him show. Can you copy those emotions? Have a parent name different emotions and you try to show that emotion with your body. If your parent says, “happy” you could smile and dance around. If your parent says, “mad” you could have a mad look on your face and stomp your feet.

Don’t forget about your online resource for learning, which can be found on the tabs to the right! Your work packets are an easy go to as well!

Sight word of the day: no

Worktime: 1 hour, screen free play time

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