February News + Updates

Monday 2/14 is Valentine’s Day!

Children may CHOOSE to bring in non-candy Valentines for 16 students on this day. Please have them write ONLY THEIR NAME on the Valentine’s so we can pass them out quickly!

Here is an example:

Thursday 2/17 is our VIRTUAL parent meeting!

Please use this link to connect to Zoom: https://dearbornschools-org.zoom.us/j/85969982959?pwd=N0VTazF2L0dxTzNkRWlKbEJYdlhIZz09

Just as before, we will need you with your child at a table, materials ready to go! I will send home a bag of items on Wednesday. Your child will also need glue or tape and scissors. Our focus will be on literacy this month!

Please be sure to empty the bag and return it to school on Monday. Thank you!

This is the bag that will be coming home and needs to come back to school!


9:00 Abdullah, Lena, Dena, Malik, Emma, Eleen, Mansoor, Athena

9:30 Mohammad, Mohammed, Sirine, Jouri, Hussein, Aya, Musa, Ryan

Mid Winter Break:

There is NO School for students on Monday 2/21 + Tuesday 2/22

Mid Year assessments have been completed! I am very proud of our class and their progress. In your child’s red folder you will find the results of their alphabet assessment. Look it over, and let me know if you have any questions. We will discuss progress at parent teacher conferences in the spring as well!

Assessment results look like this, and will be highlighted to show the information your child does know

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