Monthly Archives: June 2022

Summer is on the horizon!

Wow! I can hardly believe that is JUNE already! This school year went by so quickly! We have had a FABULOUSLY FUN school year, and can’t wait to celebrate all we have done! Our bike day was a success, the kids had a blast! Thank you all for helping to make it happen. Here is a rundown of what our last 2 weeks of school will look like!

Monday June 6th + Tuesday June 7th Regular days for PreK! We will be eating lunch in the cafeteria these 2 days to practice for next year!

Wednesday June 8th + Thursday June 9th School Visits! We will be updating you on your child’s progress, all things summer learning, and more. Plan on being here about 45 mins. See the schedule below for times

  • Wednesday June 8th
  • 9:00 Emma
  • 9:50 Aya
  • 10:40 Malik
  • 11:25 Sirine
  • 12:45 Hussein
  • 1:35 Athena
  • 2:15 Ryan
  • 3:00 Dena + Lena
  • Thursday June 9th
  • 9:00 Mansoor
  • 9:50 Mohammed Alrukhami
  • 10:40 Musa
  • 11:25 Jouri
  • 12:45 Eleen
  • 1:35 Abdullah
  • 2:15 Mohammad Alsayyad

June 13- June 15 are regular school days!

End of Year Celebration!

Thursday June 16th @ 9:30 am! Adults and children will come and go together. Please limit adults to parents/guardians as we will be in our classroom and space is limited. This is a time to celebrate your preschooler, and if possible younger siblings should stay home with a trusted adult. Look for a special invitation from your child next week!

If your child has signed up for the summer program, more information will be coming out about our schedules, etc. before we leave! The summer program will begin on Monday June 27th and run through Thursday July 28th.