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December Happenings!

If you have not returned the permission slip from LAHC please do so on Monday! Thanks!

The next 2 weeks will be filled with all things gingerbread man! I have lots of fun stories to share with the children, we also will be doing gingerbread themed crafts, activities, and more! The kids will want to be here every day for this! Our gingerbread unit is usually one of the most loved by the kiddos!

Tuesday 7th: Picture Day Retakes! Anyone who was either not photographed or needs a retake come ready to smile today!

( Hint hint Lena, Mohammad, Ryan, Eleen, Mohammed + Mrs. Hamade!)

Wednesday 8th: NO Late start for Prek! We will start at 8:35 like always! If you come late, please come through the office. Thanks!

Wednesday 15th: Pajama Day for PreK! Wear your favorite jammies to school today!

Thursday 16th: Winter FUN Parent Meeting! Come join us during your designated time for a morning full or wintery fun! We have a couple of projects and some other surprises planned for parents and kids! Please 1 parent attend with their child.


  • Hussein
  • Aya
  • Mohammed AlRukhami
  • Ryan
  • Jouri
  • Musa
  • Eleen
  • Abdullah


  • Dena
  • Lena
  • Mohammad Alsayyad
  • Athena
  • Mansoor
  • Sirine
  • Emma
  • Malik

Thank you all for sending in all the warm winter gear! The kids ABSOLUTELY love playing outside! Please be sure to throw some slip on shoes in their backpacks along with the boots, otherwise they are just in socks. I don’t let muddy shoes/boots into the room since we sit on and play on our rugs everyday!

LAHC Healthy Living Program

Hi families!

In your child’s folder you will see a couple of papers from LAHC. Ms. Zahraa who works with the organization will be coming to our classroom for 6 weeks on Wednesdays to teach the kids about healthy living. (Eating, germs, exercise, etc.)

PLEASE sign and return the permission slip on the RETURN TO SCHOOL side of the red folder. The items on the KEEP AT HOME side do not need to come back.

This is a fun program for the children to participate in! Today we learned about germs and handwashing, did 20 second exercises and had a yummy snack!

Their healthy homework this week is to “teach” a family member how to wash their hands.

Handwashing 101

  1. Wet hands
  2. Get soap
  3. Scrub, scrub, scrub for 20 seconds! You can count to 20 or sing the ABC song
  4. Rinse hands
  5. Dry