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Fingerings on Violin – a call for help! ¬†ūüėČ

Here are a few helpful links if you are struggling with note reading skills on the violin.

Interactive Fingerboard

Fingering Chart

Note Reading

Violin Fingering Game

Violin Game  Note Name Game There are no directions for these two games but the start button is in the top right hand.  Do not click on the colorful round buttons below the notes.

How to Finger Notes for Violin




Performing for Mrs. Reed while at Home

So, you want to play for me from home?  Here is one way to make an audio recording for me to listen to you perform.  Audio means that I can hear you but I can not see you.  All you need is a microphone attached or built into your computer: https://vocaroo.com/

If you have a video camera attached or built into your computer you can go to this link to perform for me.  You will need an email address to set up an account though.  https://voicethread.com/#u623085.b831367.i8989631

I have added some useful links to the blog page for Strings and Band students.  Many of these links are great tools for practicing from home.  If you have questions about your instrument, how to play, what is good tone, etc. check these links out for answers.  You can always leave comments for me, too.  Links should appear on the right hand side of the page.

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