A Hope for Harmony – Match Day

Today is a match Day – that means that any donation made today will be matched at a minimum of %50. So if you donate $10.00 to “A Hope for Harmony” Donors Choose will match it with a $5 or greater donation. If someone donates $50 to “A Hope for Harmony” Donors Choose will match it with a $25 – $50 donation to “A Hope for Harmony”. Donors Choose is celebrating Teacher Appreciation week and will help us reach our goal even more quickly if we have donations coming in today, May 7, 2024.

Please spread the word about our classroom page (and contribute if you can)! Here is a link to our DonorsChoose project:

A Hope for Harmony

A Hope for Harmony

An Easy Way to Support Our Classroom

What a wonderful community of learners we have in our classroom this year! I’m so excited to help our students learn and grow. Many of our students have advanced beyond the usual song list and will greatly benefit from learning ensemble instruments.

I have registered our classroom on DonorsChoose, an amazing website where individuals can contribute to public schools. Throughout the year, I will post requests for resources that will help make your child’s time at school even more engaging, dynamic, and enriching.

If our project is fully funded n time we will be getting 10 sopranino (very small) and 10 alto larger than the current recorder) recorders. This will give our students a choice on which instrument to play. The sopranino and alto recorders will add harmony to the main melody with wil be played by the soprano recorder (all students currently play this one).

Please spread the word about our classroom page (and contribute if you can)! Here is a link to our DonorsChoose project:

A Hope for Harmony

A Case for Care

Yes, we won 30 beautiful ukuleles. Now we are trying to get a set of cases and straps for safe use and care of these beautiful ukuleles. If you are able to donate toward this project today is the perfect day. LOFT is matching donations. So your $20 donation becomes a $40 donation. Please share my link wiht friends and family who might be able to donate. Click this link to get to the project:

A Case for Care

We won!

I filled out an application to win a classroom set of ukuleles and we won! They will all go home with me to be tuned a few times. They nylon strings tend to stretch a bit and need tuned frequently before being used for the first time. Once they are ‘seasoned’ I will bring them back to school and give some students an opportunity to play them. I have not decided which class will use them this year. Our top priority is learning concerts songs though.

Maybe you will see some of these beautiful instruments in our Spring Concert….

High and Low Sounds

Kindergarten students are demonstrating their recognition of high and low sounds through the use of desktop bells. We also used the Quaver Music Ed Bell Challenge game to practice placing the bells in the correct order from low to high. This is a game that students can also play on their computer or iPad from home. Let me know if you are interested in how to access this ear training game.

Recorder Centers

Students in grads 3, 4, and 5 are developing and mastering recorder skills. We will have a Recorder Playoff during our Spring Concert. There are 9 songs for the first level of playing and then there are an additional 9 songs in what is referred to as the Second Degree Black Belt songs. Everyone will be on the risers to perform the White Belt – Hot Cross Buns. Students who know belt 2 will remain on the risers and the rest will be seated on the gym floor. We will continue in this way until the last person is standing. Last year there were around 5 students who made it to Belt 9. We did not have the Second Degree Black Belt songs. This year we already have a student working on the Second Degree Black Belt #5. It will be fun to see who is still standing up to the end this Spring.

Today the 4th grade students worked in Centers. They were using the BAG Fishin’ For A Melody level 4 set of cards. Part of the melody is notated and part of the melody is a rhythm and the students get to decide which notes they will use for that portion of the melody. So they get to be ‘composers’ for part of the melody. Here are some photos of the students working so well together in their groups. It was exciting to see the progress being made through this creative activity.

Music in Dearborn for the Month of December

Are you looking for something different to do during the month of December? Concide checking out one of the Dearborn Public School Music Concerts. You do nt have to have a child in the program to attend the concert. Download or scroll to see all of the events listed in the Pink Red Creative Christmas document.

Also consider coming to the Redford civic Symphony Orchestra concert. I am in the flute section and we also have a Dearborn Music Teacher playing oboe and anothe in the trombone section. There will be a bake sale during the intermission.