Where will you find Mrs. Reed during conferences?

I am available for conference in person or by phone. Since I am in three different buildings you will not find me in your building for all 3 of the conference dates. Here is my schedule for your convenience:

  • Nov. 7 – Maples Elementary School
  • Nov. 12 – Nowlin Elementary School
  • Nov. 14 – Maples Elementary School

I will not be able to be in the Becker building but would welcome Becker parents to call or stop by Maples or Nowlin to meet in person. You may also communicate with me through Google Classroom.

For all parents, you are always welcome to email me or communicate with me through Class Dojo. I am very eager to work with you for the success of your child.

Where is Mrs. Reed?

Howard Cleanup Day Parade

We are so proud of our Howard Band and Poms Squad.  They all did a fantastic job marching and performing in the Cleanup Day Parade and at the Assembly.  We even had a photo taken with Mayor O’Reilly!

If you took photos and would like to share them with me please send them to my email address: reedc@dearbornschools.org

Howard Band and Poms pose with Mayor O'Reilly

Howard Band and Poms pose with Mayor O’Reilly



Maples Instrumental Music Concert

We are so proud of our instrumental music students.  They did a fantastic job performing and looked so professional on stage.  We hope you were able to attend and see their great performance.

This week we will meet for music on Wednesday for a Music Olympics Challenge. We are going to have so much fun!

If you took photos and would like to share them with me please send them to my email address: reedc@dearbornschools.org

Band and Violin Students Visiting Preschool Classroom

Our band and violin students were invited into the Preschool Classroom to demonstrate our instruments.  The children listened for the Bowing (arco) sound and walked with large sliding steps.  When we heard the pizzicato sound we tiptoed around the room.  The brass students taught the preschoolers to ‘buzz the lips’ which is the foundation to our brass sound.  Then we listened for high and low sounds and reached up high and down low for the appropriate sounds.  Our 5th grade students did a great job teaching the oreschoolers.  We also helped the little ones find the similarities and differences between the guitar and violin and between the trumpet and trombone.

Let the Competition Begin!

Band and Violin students will be involved in a friendly competition challenge for 4 pins.  Each students has a Pin Chart which will be used to track personal progress.  Each time a child passes on a song which is listed on the chart he or she will check that song off on his/her individual list.  Once all of the songs for each Pin Level are passed the child will earn the pin.  We will post photos of students when they have earned a pin and inform the classroom teachers so we can all celebrate the successes of our students.

4 Music Pins

Four Music Pins to be awarded in progressive levels.

5th Grade Instrumental Music

All of the students who have expressed an interested in Instrumental Music (Band or violin class) have been tested on mouthpieces and sized up for a violin.  Paperwork for use of a school instrument should be turned in by this week.  If you are still interested in your child participating in Instrumental Music please plan to turn your forms in by Friday.  You are welcome to email me if you need a new copy of the forms.