Music Lesson for this week

Yes, we do have a lesson this week.

Maples Students: All Maples students’ lessons are posted in the Classroom Teacher’s Weekly Calendar. This is great because it is now all in one place. You might have to scroll down to the bottom where specials are listed. If you click on “Mrs. Reed” the new Google Form should open up. If you can’t find it just send me an email and I will get the link to you.

Nowlin Students: All Nowlin music lessons are now posted in our Google Music Classrooms. Check there for the Google Form Link. If you can’t find it just send me an email and I will get the link to you.

Becker Instrumental Music Students: We are going to give iLearn a try this week for posting assignments. It might even be easier to post videos in this location.

Music Lesson 4.20.20

Parents, kindly check your email for important information regarding expectations for this card marking period. Also, details regarding weekly lessons are posted in the email. I will look forward to seeing my students in our Weekly Video Meets, too. Have a healthy and fun week. Stay safe.

New music activity for this week 4.13.20

Be sure to check your Google Classrooms and Class Dojos for a link to a scavenger hunt game. You will need to use your student ID google account to sign in to play the Google Form Game.
Becker band and violin students please check our Google Classroom for new information. An email has also been sent to your parents with important information regarding the rest of the school year’s assignments and grades.

Family Easter Fun

Have a safe neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. All you need to do is print eggs templates, color them and hang them in your windows. Then take a family drive through the neighborhood looking for eggs in the windows. Details are in this blog post:

Mrs. Reed’s handiwork

Spring Break

April 6th through April 10th is spring break for the Dearborn Public Schools. During this week students will not need to complete any on-line assignments and teachers will not be available. Students and teachers are on break starting Monday April 6th and continuing through Friday April 10.  

This is only for the week of April 6th through the 10th.   
Students will continue their distance learning on Monday, April 13, and teachers will once again be available to deliver on-line and distance learning. 
Once again, all on-line and distance learning will resume on April 13 and continue until the end of the school year.   
Please remember that we must all do our part to stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Please stay home, stay safe.

We will be back on April 13 for more online learning fun.