Recorder Centers

Students in grads 3, 4, and 5 are developing and mastering recorder skills. We will have a Recorder Playoff during our Spring Concert. There are 9 songs for the first level of playing and then there are an additional 9 songs in what is referred to as the Second Degree Black Belt songs. Everyone will be on the risers to perform the White Belt – Hot Cross Buns. Students who know belt 2 will remain on the risers and the rest will be seated on the gym floor. We will continue in this way until the last person is standing. Last year there were around 5 students who made it to Belt 9. We did not have the Second Degree Black Belt songs. This year we already have a student working on the Second Degree Black Belt #5. It will be fun to see who is still standing up to the end this Spring.

Today the 4th grade students worked in Centers. They were using the BAG Fishin’ For A Melody level 4 set of cards. Part of the melody is notated and part of the melody is a rhythm and the students get to decide which notes they will use for that portion of the melody. So they get to be ‘composers’ for part of the melody. Here are some photos of the students working so well together in their groups. It was exciting to see the progress being made through this creative activity.

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