January in the music room

We have a lot going on in the music room this month. Our Sped students have been experiencing Orff Barred instruments. Our goal is to demonstrate a steady beat to the music we are listening to. We use an assortment of instruments to demonstrate this with: a variety of shakers, woodblocks, drums, and xylophones of all sizes. Some of our instruments are adaptive and have enabled students to play an instrument without the aid of hand-over-hand. This has been very exciting to see.

Montessori students in grades 3, 4 and 5 are focusing on reading music notation and translating that into beautiful music through the use of a soprano recorder. All of the students are in a Recorder Karate Competition and can earn their belts by playing the required songs for me. The songs are posted in their Music Schoology Course and they can also play for me through schoology video to pass on songs. Students can also play for me before or after school. The students are also going to create 4 beat compositions and then perform their compositions for the class. The 3rd grade students had the opportunity to do that today and I have posted photos.

Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade have begun work on learning their Spring concert songs. We are also experiencing steady beat, rhythm, and tempo through the process of movement and listening to music.

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