December in the Music Room

This month we are focusing on using beautiful singing voice. The lower elementary students echo my voice as we sing hello to each student. our goal is to sing matching high and low sounds. As we prepare for the Holiday Sing Along we are learning that songs often times tell a story. This can also help us to remember the words to the song. Students will tend toward using a loud, rude voice when singing a song that is well known so a reminder to use a beautiful singing voice is necessary. We are also learning to get along with each other. Students do not need to be best friends with everyone in the room – however, I do expect everyone to get along well. And the same thing goes for the songs we sing. We do not have to ‘like’ all of the songs but we do need to do our very best when singing the songs.

Here are two examples of learning to get along while using singing voice. Please enjoy these videos. For an additional treat, log in to the Quaver Music Ed program with your child at home and watch the 3rd grade class demonstrate our Choreography to one of the Sing along selections.

One last thing – I am so happy to inform you that my Donors Choose project was fully funded. We now have some additional instrument choices for our special education students to use when interacting with music during music class. Let’s remain hopeful that my Dearborn Foundation Grant is approved so we will have even more adaptive instruments to choose from.

Students demonstrate awareness of personal space, the ability to work well together, and that they can hear their melodic theme by moving correctly when they hear their theme.
Students demonstrate cooperation and singing voices while dancing to the chorus of this favorite holiday song.

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