A Beautiful Thank You Note

This morning I received a beautiful thank you email from a family I have never met. They found my site while searching for music resources to use while learning from home. The thank you letter was very heart-warming and started my day off with a ray of sunshine. 🌞 Since they have been using resources from my page they wanted to share a resource with me to possibly add to my page.

Here is the Piano Resource they so graciously shared with me. 😊🎶

And, D. H., for your young flutist, here are two of my newest discoveries. Emmanuel Pahud is a great flutist. Search out any of his videos just to watch and be inspired. And my friend, Jeff Zook, also has great resources.

To A. H., M.H (aka K. H.), and D. H. thank you for your kindness. I wish you all the best.

Mrs. Celeste Reed

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