Space Place

Good Morning!

What a beautiful day it is going to be!

Here is a resource for the rainy days to come.

NASA’s Space Place inspires, builds creativity, and enriches elementary students’ learning of space and Earth science online. Students can explore through hands-on-activities, fun games, engaging videos, and enlightening articles.

Enjoy today’s sunshine πŸ™‚ Stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Puchala

Fun Activities!

Hello Howe Families,

I hope everyone is doing well πŸ™‚

I would like to share a resource that will provide you with fun and creative STEM activities.

Teaching Engineering is a digital library made up of standards-aligned engineering topicsΒ to make science and math come alive through design.

Something else…

Our children need a way to document this historical time, below is a Memory Book that you and your family can download, print, and complete each day.

Enjoy these fun and enriching resources!

Stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Puchala

We the People…

Good Afternoon,

I hope that everyone is adjusting to the new norm for now. I have been very restless and took a bike ride this morning to enjoy the fresh air, it was very nice!

Our 4th and 5th graders have been learning about our Government, and I wanted to share some resources that would be very enriching and powerful for them to use.

Scholastic: We the People is a civics and media literacy resource that provides information on the following topics:

  • How Our Government Works
  • Democracy in Action
  • Kids Get Involved
  • Mastering Media

Scholastic Junior: 5 Minute Guide to the U.S. Constitution is another Scholastic publication that discusses how the Constitution created our government and how it affects us. This article will offer more of a challenge to students that want to extend their understanding of how our government works.

Mrs. Polster and Mrs. Davis both have more information on their blogs.

Please, continue to stay healthy and safe.

Ms. Puchala

A Day of Exploration!

Good Afternoon,

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy!

I am posting today about some amazing sites that will get your children exploring and learning facts about our earth!

NASA Kid’s Club is a website that engages children through games in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It offers grade level content at multiple skill levels.

Switch Zoo is a website where children can discover interesting facts about animals, make new animals, play animal games, hear animal music, and build a biome.

Switch Zoo would be a wonderful resource for students in Mrs. Angel’s Kindergarten Class who are writing about animals and insects write now πŸ™‚

Please, let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

You are all in my thoughts. I miss seeing everyone each day!

Stay healthy and safe,

Ms. Puchala

Promoting Literacy at Home

Good Evening!

I hope everyone is well and staying healthy!

I wanted to share with you all some fun resources that allow our children choices in literacy and gives them a window into the world.

Unite for Literacy is a corporation that believes all children should have access to books. They have created a platform to supply books to families and support the development of lifelong readers.

News-O-Matic provides current news and world events to students in engaging and understandable ways, while at the same time encouraging them to read daily.

News-O-Matic requires a login. I made one for each grade level along with a password, I will put it below. If you visit the site, please let me know what you think! πŸ™‚

News-O-Matic Logins:

Password for ALL grade levels: student123

Stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Puchala

Social Studies Links

These are a few websites that will help develop and enhance student understanding of the world that we live in.

Country Reports
Country Reports provide information and content on countries and cultures worldwide for students to utilize. They can choose a country for a report, read about a culture from around the globe, or compare two countries for a class assignment. The content is current, concise, and unique.

History for Kids
History for Kids is a history network that provides articles, games, and much more for students to explore the past with.

“I have worked to promote civic education for young people through iCivics. I consider engaging the next generations of citizens to be my most important work yet and my legacy.”
-Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, U.S. Supreme Court [Ret.] founder

Scientific Adventures!

Science Journal for Kids and Teens
Science articles just for kids! Written for kids and approved by scientists. Scientific research that is making headlines is adapted into kid friendly language for students to read, understand, and learn from.

Science Buddies
The award-winning, non-profit Science Buddies empowers K-12 students, parents, and teachers to find free project ideas and help in all areas of science. Whether your goal is to find a fun science activity or win the international science fair, this site puts all tools at your fingertips.

Mystery Science
Mystery Science is a platform that allows students to be curious and create thoughtful explanations through their investigations.