Report Cards!

Just a quick reminder that different standards are graded each marking period for the different core subject areas.

Each marking period we assess only the standards we were working on. For example last marking period in Language I assessed on reading left to right, top to bottom, identifying author and illustrator on the cover of the book, and reading the simple pre primer dolch sight words. In math last marking period I assessed matching one to one when building numbers with base ten and Montessori materials, and counting by 1s and 2D shapes.

This marking period for science our grades were based on what animals needed to survive. Basically our entire animal unit. In social studies the grades were based on the needs and wants unit. Language was based on rhyming, syllables, blends (sh, ch, etc). We also worked on story elements (characters, setting, problem/solution, and main idea). For Math we assessed counting by 5s,10s, and 2s. Also addition, subtraction, counting forward from a number, greater than/less than, 3D shapes, and number bonds.

Hope this helps with some clarification!

Spring break updates!

This week is officially spring break! Although we can’t go anywhere I’m hoping to spend the week making memories with my girls. We are visiting another metropark for hiking, setting up our tent in our basement for a sleepover night, and zooming with family one night. My hope is they will remember the fun times and not be so sad about not being able to leave the house. I encourage you all to have some fun this week too!

A couple things:

Report cards will be posted tomorrow. Below is the directions to access them:

How do parents login to ParentConnect? To login to ParentConnect, parents need their PIN and password. To retrieve their password:

Parents go to Dearborn Schools web site then ParentConnect link. If they don’t know the login info, they click (Need Your Login Information) link and it will prompt them to enter their email address as provided to the school and entered in MIStar (Menu/Enrollment/Student Editor/Contacts) and click Submit. This process emails them their PIN and Password.

If you are still unable to access, let me know and I will email Mrs. Fournier who can assist.

My April plans are ALMOST finished! I will have a 3 week schedule with check off boxes just like we did for March. I typically teach most of my standards before spring break so that we can learn how to tell time and money for the last marking period. These are first grade standards but they do show up on nwea so I think they are important to introduce. I am working on a couple things that will make the last 8-10 weeks easier for us to navigate together. Please be patient and I promise to have it uploaded by Friday 🙂 this week is a week off anyways so do art projects or explore nature instead.

Have a great week!


Thanks to all who made it to the zoom hangout!!! It was so nice to see their smiling faces! They were so cute saying hi to each other and showing toys. It was definitely a moment needed on this sad day.

I’m sure everyone has heard that they have suspended face to face teaching for the remainder of the year. The paperwork also listed a lot of other stuff that the school district is still analyzing. We have our Montessori staff meeting tomorrow and will hope to have more answers.

I have already created a 3 week plan for april like I did for March. I had planned on sending them out end of next week. I switched up some of the websites so they won’t get bored. I also added in the topic themes I had planned on teaching. After I talk with Mrs. Fournier I will blog post and let you know the plan.

I have also been working on personalized work goals for the students. I went through the testing I had done before we left and had some goals for the students that I had hoped they would master before first grade. Depending upon what the district wants I will either send these via email or have a zoom/google hangout session with parents to discuss these.

I am hoping we can proceed as we have been where I send you the goals and you send me the pictures of them completed. Then I can send positive messages or videos back.

As I said on the zoom hangout I am hoping to have a summer picnic once everything has calmed down and we are allowed. At the picnic the children will get their pizza memory boxes of stuff I have collected throughout the year and my traditional slide show on a usb that I normally play at kindergarten celebration.

This was my golden year of teaching—- 10 years. Your kids have been inspirational in helping remind me why I love teaching! They are caring, compassionate, and responsible. My heart aches at the fact that they aren’t “mine” anymore. However —- we have 10 more weeks of togetherness, just in a different way. They can give me ALL the hugs next school year.

Let’s conquer this together the next couple months. I am here for you and your family. Just an email away. Please let me know how I can help ❤️
Give your kids extra hugs from me tonight.

Zoom hangout! 4 pm

For some reason zoom marked the hangout I had planned at 4 pm invalid.

I will send the new link to your emails at 345 pm! Look out for it!

I will also have my email open so if you have difficulties email me.

Looking forward to seeing your child! ❤️

Zoom Hangout!

I just emailed out the invites for a zoom hangout session on Thursday! For those who haven’t used zoom you just click the link on the email around 4 pm. (If you click early it will put you in a waiting room until I log on). I chose 4 pm because I was hoping most parents would be able to log their kids on! It will have video and sound so we can all talk to each other! We might need some parent help at first. Zoom seems to be the easiest for the younger kids to handle because they can see all of their friends.

Recap- Keep the email I just sent you called Zoom Hangout

On Thursday (April 2) at 4 pm click on the link in the email. Password is 1234.

Then we should all be able to see each other and talk!

(The session should work on a computer AND phone so pick what is easiest for you).

EPIC emails!

They released EPIC online for kids to use for free until June 30th! This is a great site with LOTS of books across all genres and interests! I highly recommend using the link I sent you and create the account. The link will come from epic so check spam folders if you do not see it in your inbox. I also can see what the students are reading and assign books. They can rotate between epic and raz kids for reading each day!

Pin for everyone is– 1234 (just to keep people not in our class out of your child’s account).

Email me with any questions 🙂

Monday Updates

Hello Parents!

Last week we finally finished insects which concludes the animal units! This week we would have been using our class time to research and pick an animal for the biome homework. I understand it will be tough to do the project being as we are ordered to stay home. I would begin with the research part. If they haven’t already choose the animal this would be a great day to!

For the research part. What does the animal eat? How does the animal get water? Where does the animal live? What are some interesting facts about the animal. The students should fill out the bubble map with this information specific to the animal they chose.

Please WAIT to do biomes until we hear what this week brings. I would be devastated if they cancel school for the remainder of the year— we have so many fun things planned! At this point lets take it day by day.

When I checked Zearn and Raz kids I saw that almost everyone was doing a great job! Most were doing a couple lessons and books every day for the last two weeks! Keep it up!

Information regarding report cards will be coming soon! I finished them last week and submitted to the district. Luckily I had finished most of my testing needed to complete them! More information to come.

Please let me know if you need anything 🙂 Have a great Monday!


My oldest woke up sad and upset that today is another day she couldn’t go to school to see her friends. I’m sure your kiddos are missing the norm as well. We quickly did some reading work and are going to make today a fun day! Forts, painting our windows to make stained glass, and a heart project for people to see as they walk by!

We’ve almost made it through week 2! Hang in their parents. Remember to send me pictures of your fun and work!