Spelling/Word Family Houses Begin on Tuesday!

Dear Kindergarten Families-

We are now half way through the school year which means it is time to start spelling tests. Every Friday your child will have a list of 8 words to study and practice for the next week. They will continue through the school year and have new words weekly. They will be practicing daily with their word family house goal.

They will have a test on the words on Fridays. I will also post the words on the blog each week. The words will consist of 5 “hot” words which are part of a word family, and 3 sight words. The day of the test they will have an additional 2 “cold” words for a total of 10 words altogether. The purpose of the “cold” words is for students to learn the word families and apply the spelling pattern to other words that they have not practiced. Their first test will be Friday, January 22nd at the 9 am morning meeting zoom. After the test is complete I ask that you take a picture with your phone and send me the picture. These tests are scored and kept in a file so that they are added to report cards at the end of the marking period. Please do not help them as I need an accurate idea of how they can spell.

These tests are to prepare them for the 1st grade environment where the tests become less teacher-student oral questions and more independent paper-pencil. This will also help them while writing when they are sounding out and spelling words. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kindergarten Spelling List #1 (Week of January 18. Test Jan 22)









Reading Test Instructions!

Tomorrow half of our class will be taking the reading assessment so I can have data for their exact reading level. A couple things about the test. It is very structured and organized. The students have not seen the books yet but they do not need to. It is meant to see what sight words they know and for them to read patterned text independently. It goes in a specific order to help build confidence while the test is taking place.

It is very important that your child is in a quiet room with me. I need to be watching how they read along with listening. The books will be on the screen for them to read. I will be able to highlight and point to words to help them if needed.

If students look at parents that can be marked down as a que… just like it would in the classroom when they would look at me. So I ask that you please log your child on then leave the room. It is important they are focused on me so I can see what ques they may need if any. Most of the time they read better for their teacher anyways 🙂

After all testing is complete I will be sending home a letter with the results explained to you. I would like to compile the tasks and reading assessment before sending home the results.

We will be using the same zoom link we always use.

Tomorrow will be:

Hamza, Adam, Kareem, Tristan, Talia, Sullivan, Youssef K, Hassan Alm, Bowie, Bilal, and Noah.

If you have forgotten your time please email me 🙂

Valentine’s Day 2021

(Celebrating on Thursday, February 11th)

Hello Families!

We are hoping to make the Valentine’s celebration this year fun! We are asking that each student make valentines for their classmates.

Please have your child make one valentine card/small treat for each child in the classroom. Please have them just put their name on the from part. The teachers will be putting them in their bags. We have 22 students in Kindergarten this year.

Please drop off to Howe Montessori office on Monday, February 1st between 9 am and 5 pm! You will see a tub for each grade level outside the office. Please place your child’s valentines in that box. We would like them early so we have time for them to sit before touching. 

They will be available for pick up on Wednesday, February 10th between 9am – 5 pm. They will be in a tub labeled by grade level. Please just take one bag. 

Howe Montessori Staff

Please read! NWEA information!

Because we are still remote learning the NWEA reading assessment will be completed at home. It is important that we make sure that you have a device in your home that will work with the website. Below is a test to make sure it will run correctly. Please do this ASAP! Let me know if you do not have a device at your home that will run the program. Click on the link below to test.


This link will prompt you to do three things:

  1. Device Readiness:  You will get a Pass or Fail on whether your device can administer the assessment.
  2. Check the Map Growth testing site: If your device is compatible, you will then be able to ensure your child can login properly to test.  Often pop-up blockers prevent logging in.
  3. Practice Test: You can login to a practice test if you and your child would like.  Your child has logged in to NWEA before, but testing from home is a new experience for all!
    • Click the BLUE “Try the Practice Test” once you see the Login Screen or you can access the practice test at any time with the link: https://studentresources.nwea.org/  
    • Username: grow
    • Password: grow

Find more information: There are three links that you can choose to take a look at to find out more information about the NWEA Map Growth tests. Our students participate in the Map Growth Reading and the Map Growth Mathematics assessments. 

Family Toolkit – What is Map Growth and Student Stories

What is Map Growth Video?

January Testing Information!

Hello All! Hope everyone is adjusting well getting back into the school routine. Today my house is a bit sleepy but we have almost made it through our first week back! It’s been so nice hearing all of the stories about break and all the fun had with your families. We will certainly remember these holidays a little more this year.

January is always packed full of testing! We have to complete grades for the second quarter by January 22nd. I have already begun entering some of the grades from December. I do need to still assess for reading and writing. We also need to complete the NWEA reading assessment (the math will not need to be given this time around). Since numbers are still up we have been asked to do our testing online. Stressing the students out and overwhelming them is NOT something I want to happen. So I have taken the month and spread out the assessments so that they have time breaks in between them. Each student will have 3 assigned times for testing throughout the month.

Everyone will receive an email from me by the end of the day with your assessments dates. It is important that you add these to your calendars. In an effort to get back in to the routine this and next week I will be doing assessments up until the deadline for completing them (Friday, January 29th). It would be helpful if you remember the dates for me. I will try and send reminders if I can.

Morning meeting and math zooms will remain consistent throughout the entire month as we continue with our benchmark language and eureka math curriculum.

Learning labs will NOT happen January 19th-22nd and January 26th-29th. These are the two weeks that everyone will have 30 minute time slots with me to complete the testing.

Thanks so much for all of your help with this school year. I understand how hard this is and most are feeling fatigue at this point. I can not reiterate enough that our children’s social and emotional well being comes at the top of the list. These assessments are just a guideline in how to help us teach your child better. No one is ahead, behind, or not doing well. We are all doing as well as we can and that is ok. I love your littles and loving school is the most important thing we can do right now.

Please let me know if you need anything. I am always available.


Break always goes so quickly but we are ready to get back to school at our house! Hopefully yours too! 🙂

The students need for our 9 am meeting— Their new goal sheet, page one of the langauge packet (making sentences- today it is warm out), and their handwriting letter of the day packet.

For our 11 am math meeting: Their eureka math module 3 workbook, Math montessori Addition to 1 page, and their blank squares page.

If you have had a chance to look over the materials we have changed things up for January. We usually do this time of the year. They have different goals each day depending upon the day so that hopefully it is not a fight to do them. The goal sheet has everything typed on it so you should just be able to mark it with a dry erase marker. We will also be going over things during morning and math meeting this and next week as a refresher.

If you have not bought a new writing journal please do so by Wednesday! 🙂

I will add books tomorrow morning on benchmark so they have books to read (I understand that I took all of their books but I still want them in the habit of reading each day still and to mark off that goal).

Lastly– we will start tomorrow with sharing. They can either share an item or a story about break. Their choice.

Have a great night! I can’t wait to see their faces tomorrow morning 🙂

Friday schedule! Please read :)

I can not believe tomorrow is already our last day before break!

9 am morning meeting zoom. Wear pjs and bring some hot cocoa to sip on. If you do not have any no big deal they can bring a beverage of their choice.

No groups or math meeting tomorrow! I will be at school getting everything ready for pick up.

Pickup is 1-3 pm in the front parking lot. Because of the temperatures I will probably be sitting in my White Explorer. you can feel free to pull up next to me.

Please bring to pick up to leave with me:

*Finished Unit 2 Characters book. Unit 3 Rules book.

*Writing journal (please buy another one over break for the second half of the year. I will be keeping these and putting them in their files as proof of work and to show growth).

*Eureka math module 1/2. (KEEP module 3 and 4).

*All completed packet pages and scholastic sheets.

*Please bring ALL reading books I have given to you first semester! These are going to sit over break then I can give out new books when we come back in January.

You will be getting the work tomorrow for the month of January. Please remember not to do the work over break 🙂 Otherwise they will not have things to do in January. I am giving it now so we are prepared and ready to get back to work on Monday, January 4th.

Please email me with any questions. It is very IMPORTANT that you come to the pick up tomorrow.

Tomorrows schedule! PLEASE read!

Tomorrow morning is our assembly on resilience. Please use the link below for our 9 am zoom. The whole school will be on the call so please be sure to make sure microphones are muted the whole time!

9 am- assembly with different zoom link.

*NO red or orange group because we do not know when the assembly will end.

11 am- use our normal link for math meeting.

Matt Wilhelm is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Howe – Matt Wilhelm’s Virtual BMX Stunt Show
Time: Dec 16, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 948 2700 5306
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