End of Week Updates!

Hard to believe we had spring and winter weather this week! We have been busy working on the next math unit (number bonds), Benchmark Holidays and Celebrations, Birds animal unit, and Leap Day. The students have been busy bees. For a bird project we made bird feeders this afternoon. The students can hang or put them outside and feed the birds. It is an easy and fun way to wrap up the week!

Reminder we go outside if feels like is above 20 degrees! SO many were thrown off with the cold coming back. I remind the students each day that they should have coats, hats, gloves EVERY DAY. If weather gets warmer we can leave them in our lockers. We go outside each afternoon if it is warm enough and they should be prepared no matter what.

For Leap day we buried a time capsule! On the next leap day- February 29, 2028 they will unbury it from our courtyard with their fourth grade teacher!

Next week we will finish our last Montessori animal unit- amphibians. Then they have a few weeks to complete the homework assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions about that.

The flu and pink eye are still something to watch out for. Please make sure your child is feeling ok before bringing them to school. I am cloroxing the desks at the end of the day to try and stop the spread! Hopefully next weeks warm weather will help break these germs!

Have a great weekend!


Check folders TONIGHT!

Lots of important papers (reading month, March calendar, and March homework assignment).

Tomorrow is a PJ/Stuffed animal fundraiser day!

Send in $1 to wear pjs or $2 to wear pjs AND bring a stuffed animal!

End Of Week Updates!

Such a busy week!

We finished our fish animal unit, started eureka module 3, and continued talking about benchmark holiday and celebrations.

I never cleaned out baskets last week so you are getting 2 weeks worth of work home today.

Reminder NO SCHOOL on Tuesday! (voting day).

March calendar and reading month information will come home next week!

Have a great weekend!

Quick notes!

Tomorrow is HAT DAY to fundraise for the 5th grade promotion ceremony. Your child can pay $1 and wear the hat in class all day long. Flier is coming home in folders today.

Iready pathways website is back open for use! Thank you for being patient as we tested and did makeups. We now know what needs to be done before we test at school so work at home does not interfere with the test.

Please watch for pink eye and fever symptoms! LOTS of germs are spreading right now! Your child needs to be fever free with no medicine for 24 hours before they can come back to school. I lysol spray each day but still haven’t been able to stop the spreading of the germs.

Tomorrow, I am the kindergarten math meeting. Ms. Salmassi will be subbing for me.

End Of Week Updates- Early :)

Tomorrow I will be out for appointments so I am posting early.

This week we:

*Started Benchmark Unit 7- Holidays & Celebrations.

*Finished Eureka Math Squared Module 3 (Graded test will come home next week)

*Learned about Mammals for our Montessori animal units.

*Had a successful Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebration! <3

*And lastly- started subtraction.

I will send work home on Tuesday when we return so the sub doesn’t have to stuff folders.

YES, the sub will give the spelling test tomorrow and new words will come home.

Please remember NO SCHOOL on Monday for Presidents’ day.


Tomorrow (Thursday, February 15th) we go to the other end of the building (Michael Berry Center) and visit the Dentist college class. They have demonstrations, activities, and the kids get to sit in the chair and play with the mirrors and lights.

We leave at 9:05 am! Your child NEEDS to be at school by 8:55 am!!!!