Friday updates!

First- reminder no school on Monday!

The scores for NWEA reading will be included in the report card envelopes. These will be sent home at the end of the month. The students did a great job taking the test for the first time. It takes some patience as sometimes the computers freeze or it runs slow. They were great at being patient and adapting when we needed to fix something. We will be taking the math nwea next week. This is not required but a great practice for them. We will take it on Wednesday, January 19th.

We are beginning to shift into the second half of kindergarten! These students excel at working in our Montessori environment and are great at working on the goals that I ask them to while I am reading and teaching in small groups. For the first half of the year we really put a lot of emphasis on reading and the skills needed to expand this. This has clearly paid off and shown through the testing this last week! I am so proud of all of them and how well they are reading! We will continue with this but also add in a lot of writing! Independent writing, writing about topics, and Informational writing within our animal units that start the last week of January! I am excited to see them flourish and grow in writing as well.

Bathroom usage is starting to become an issue! Some students are asking to go 3-4 times before and after lunch! Typically we allow students to go once in the morning, after lunch, then once in the afternoon. That seems like it should be more then enough. I have told some students that this might have to become a rule if they continue to use the bathroom as a play time and social time. Please have a conversation about this with your child. I would appreciate it.

Today was the first spelling test. Graded tests will come home in Friday folders today as well as the next weeks words.

If your child tests positive or is put into a quarantine they will be able to get work off of Schoology. By Tuesday I will have the calendar complete for January. It will list simple “goals” and work that can be completed at home with paper/pencil just so they have something to keep up with. So far our attendance in the classroom has been good and we have not had many absences. No matter what we have to continue with the lessons and units needed. The units are paced and we can not just stop teaching. I will try my best to help when needed.

***Need! We are running low on expo markers! These are used daily for address writing, spelling word practice, writing our numbers, etc. If you can donate some it would be much appreciated! I try hard to remind them to put the cap back on the markers but they are really struggling with that.

I hope you all have a great long weekend!

Classroom updates!

What a busy first week back! We slowly got back into the groove and many are tired this afternoon. We were able to wrap up the Benchmark stories unit so we can begin Technology next week! The students also began addition for math! Each day we are working on problems. You will see they use dots to count on the packet coming home today. Drawing things is always allowed for tests and you do not run out after 10 like using your fingers! With that being said please don’t ask your child to add with fingers. It is not something they can consistently use as a test helper because they do not have more then 10 πŸ™‚ Next week we will continue with addition.

You will notice sight word papers look different this week! We are switching from rainbow sight words to my Montessori sight word lists. They are alphabetical and color coded. Your child picks a list to practice and traces over with the color of the list. It’s a mix up just because they were bored with rainbow sight words.

Yesterday I sent home the first spelling list and an explanation of our weekly spelling tests. Please practice these words throughout the week and they will have a test every Friday morning. Our first test is on Friday, January 14th. Spelling tests are a grade on the report card.

The end of our card marking is on Friday, January 21st. I have been busy assessing them this week for the report card. You will see not much practice with their book bag books during this time because I am spending most of my days assessing.

Kindergarten is required to take the state mandated NWEA reading test each winter. Our class will be taking this on Wednesday, January 12th. They can not “study” for it. The questions are more about topics they should be familiar with- letter recognition, beginning sounds, sight words, rhyming. The students will be taking it first thing in the morning on the computer. Myself, Mrs. Jen Bost, and Mrs. Verrier will be in the room to assist the students. We can not give them answers or re-ask the questions but we can show them how to choose an answer and move on to the next question. This is a great learning experience for them so that when they go to first grade they are already familiar with the test and get a better score. I ask that your child gets a good night rest on Tuesday night and eats a good breakfast on Wednesday morning. That helps us πŸ™‚

We have an in person field trip on Tuesday, March 15th. We do have buses for this field trip for transportation but still need parent chaperones. The Hands On museum has new exhibits and we are very excited that this field trip will be FREE for your child! (Bus is free as well). Please reserve that date in your calendar so you can join us on this fun day!

Next week after testing we will finally be learning new Montessori works! December was such a “fun” month we have detoured from Montessori to have some extra sensorial and practical life works being used. Next week each child will learn their leveled math and language Montessori work from the shelf.

Lastly a t-shirt order form has come home in todays folder! We are making classroom faces t-shirts. This class will be my 12th shirt and I am so excited! The kids enjoy making them and its a great keepsake of the friends in our class. Please remember that I only accept cash for it. Turn in money and order form by Feb 1st to be included. ***Note this is a one time offer. They make the shirts in one batch and they can not be printed after!

Whew! So much info! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


Remember to send in $1 to get a bag of popcorn.

Friday is picture retakes day. If your child has not had pictures taken they can also get them done. Send in old pictures if your child is getting retakes AND email me so I know

Back to school!

Tomorrow we are back to school!

Reminder to send in December reading logs completed for a pizza coupon.

Also the book report homework is due by Wednesday. Make sure both sides are completed. If you can send in the book also I will read them this week.

If the temperature is above 20 we will be going outside for recess. Make sure to send in boots, gym shoes, hats, gloves,etc. They can be kept in their locker so they have them when needed if you would like.

Lastly, the nurses sent out reminders about our covid mitigation procedures. Reminder to stay home and test if anyone in the house tests positive. If you did not receive this email from the district let me know and I can forward it to you.

Looking forward to seeing all of the students smiling faces tomorrow morning! I have missed them and am ready to get back into the routine! Lots of fun things to learn the second half of kindergarten!

Winter break!

Reminder to read either books around your house or books on the raz kids website over break! A little more relaxed but I still want them reading at least 10 minutes each day!

Winter break book report homework is due on Wednesday , January 5th. Don’t forget about it πŸ™‚

Have a great two weeks off! I will be visiting family and out of town so email will not be checked until January 2 when I get back!

Raz Kids Update!

The old subscription expired and so now we have Raz Plus! It is the same for you except I have a different account. Which means I had to make all new accounts for each of your children.

You will find the new login and password in your childs folder today.

Please make sure you are using this resource. It has leveled books appropriate for your child as well as comprehension quizzes at the end of the books.

Remainder of week plans!


* It is red/green day! Candy cane gram money and cards are due! Please make sure this is all in there folders for me. We will be finishing up projects and work throughout the day.


*PJ day! We will be working on art projects in the morning. In the afternoon we will watch the Polar Express movie! Just like in the movie we will have popcorn and hot chocolate. The students may bring a SMALL blanket to cuddle up with.


Dress your best for new years! We will have a pizza party for lunch provided by me. They have had such a great year so far and I want to celebrate them! You can pack some snacks to go along with and I will have cheese pizza for them. In the afternoon we will work on cleaning the room and getting ready for January. Reminder holiday sing along is at 2 pm in the back parking lot. If you would like your student to go home with you then please email me and I will have them take there stuff outside πŸ™‚

I will be collecting book bags tomorrow and you will not get them back until January. This is so I can see what books are missing and wash the book bags! You may take the orange sight word books out and leave at home if you would like. During break your child can read on raz kids, read books around your house, or check some out from the library. Winter break is just a good time for me to take inventory.

January calendar, reading log, and winter break homework is coming home TODAY! With the craziness of the remainder of the week I wanted to make sure you got everything early.

Candy Cane Grams!

*Your child was asked today how many candy canes they wanted to pass out to friends!

*Please fill out the card and return to school by Wednesday.

*Please send $1 per card.

They will be delivered at the end of the week.

Every child will get one πŸ™‚