End of Week Updates!

Tomorrow I am off for my daughters field trip. So updates a day early 🙂 Ms. Emily will be subbing for me. For dismissal tomorrow please come up to her and say your child’s name so she can start to learn all of you as well.

Tomorrow will be our first spelling test! They will take it first thing in the morning. We will encourage them to sound out and try their best. Tests will come home on Monday after I check them.

Today we talked about Groundhogs day! Silly little Phil says 6 more weeks of winter! We voted yesterday and most of the class was split. After they finished work today they were able to make a groundhog puppet if they wanted to.

This week we have focused on arctic animals. We talked about where they live, what the weather is like, their habitats, what they need to survive and camouflage. The students did GREAT with their arctic animals writing! (It will come home tomorrow). We will do this each week with all of the animal classes.

NWEA scores are coming home in todays folder. Those are yours to keep.

Reminder about valentines. Your child should be writing their own name under the “from” section. This is great practice—- do not do it for them 🙂 We have 17 students in our class. They need a valentine for each friend. Please leave the “to” section blank.

We have finished Benchmark Unit 5 and will move to Unit 6- Stories have a Message. This goes along well with our animal units and daily writing.

Lastly- many of the students are complaining it is too hot in the classroom. I have an air thermometer and it stays around 70 for the most part. Please dress your child in layers so if they want to take off a sweater they have a shirt underneath. The sun tends to warm up our room each morning and that’s when they are saying it is too hot.

Have a great weekend!

End of Week Updates!

With the half day and snow day this week has flown by! We are finally fixed for internet so we powered through and finished both NWEA reading (Tuesday) and math (today) tests. Those results will come home next week.

For Benchmark we are still talking about technology. We have created charts explaining different technology that we use at home (phones, ipads, TVs, electric cars) and technology we use at school (projectors, computers, care hawk clocks). The students are learning and discussing what technology we also want to see in the future! For example a car that drives itself so we can read or play in the car when we go to and from places. We have two more weeks to go on this unit!

Next week we begin our Montessori Animal Units! We start off with Arctic Animals. These are some of my favorite units to teach. We will be working on our reading informational texts about the animal class of the week and writing informational stories about what we learned.

For Eureka math we are on Module 4 which is Number bonds and addition. The main focus this week was how to draw a number bond and that a “part and a part makes a whole”. They have a hand sign to show this…. ask them about it 🙂

Report cards are coming home in todays folder. Please take out all papers and return empty envelope signed on Monday.

First week of spelling words is coming home in folders today also! I have a introduction letter about how we do spelling then the actual list. We will be practicing these words during our work times but practicing them at home also is a good idea! Our first spelling test is on Friday, February 3rd. Friendly reminder also that these scores are on report cards as a spelling grade for marking period 3 and 4.

Reminder to turn in January reading logs on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

Quick Updates!

TB test results are in your child’s folder today. (If they took it at school).

Reminder to send snow pants, boots, and gym shoes to school daily!

Tomorrow we will be taking the math NWEA. Please make sure to get a good nights sleep and a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning.

Lots of fun today at recess building snowmen! 🙂


You Are Invited!

Please join us for our January parent partnership meeting. At this meeting, the topic of discussion will be on fostering independence. Our Kindergarten Teacher, Angela Carman and our Elementary Special Education Teacher, Melissa Roskelly will guide us in learning the importance of building independence and ways to empower our children to be more independent and responsible at home and school. Refreshments will be provided.

For:  Parent Partnership Meeting

Topic: Fostering Independence

Date: Friday, January 27, 2023

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Howe Cafeteria

Quick Updates!

They have finally fixed the internet! So we are going to NWEA reading test tomorrow morning. Please make sure to go to bed early tonight, eat a good breakfast tomorrow morning, and then they will be ready.

Everyone did a great job this morning with testing. I was so proud of them. ❤️.

Important paper!

Please check red folders tonight! There is a very important paper in each folder from the Wayne County Health Dept. Please read through and ask the office if you have any questions.

Forms must be returned by this FRIDAY! (1/20/23)

Thanks! 🙂