Computer broke :(

My laptop with a webcam has a cracked screen so I am unable to use it. I tried using a chromebook from school but that would not work for sound and kept breaking up. I am at school so I am on a hunt for a computer with a webcam. I will post again on the blog if I can get it set up by 11 am.

Check schoology and work on the daily goals this morning.


When you send a picture of the completed goal sheet today I need to also have a picture of their writing that we did during the zoom. It should be two pages- a circle map of apple foods then a story of how they like to eat apples.

Please do not help them with this. I need examples of how they are doing at the beginning of the year. If they do not have any words that is ok! We just need an example for my binder of work! 🙂


Still missing quite a few people on the sign up. Please sign up for a spot for testing. (this was posted on schoology)

Just like last week the science assignment will be posted on schoology. Your child just needs to watch the video. Activities afterwards are optional because I know not everyone has a printer or the materials. This was just posted on schoology.

****MAIL IS COMING!!!**** In hoping that we wouldn’t be virtual for too long we are running out of pages to do at home. I have put in the mail the next two math packets, some stuff for safety week, and new books until I see them next week in the classroom for testing. Please do not do any of the pages until you see them on the goal sheets. Its another months worth of work.

Check Schoology! :)

NWEA Sign Up genius link is posted on schoology main page for you to sign up.

Under materials I have added a purple sight words folder. It has ideas and activities that would be a fun way to practice the sight words we do each week.

**Reminder I only use the Sec126 AM/PM course!**

End of Week Updates!

We have made it through another virtual week! Thank you to all who came in for testing! This information is so helpful for me. I will be spending next week making groups and montessori works for you to have at home. These should help give the students some hands on independent work.

If for some reason you can not log in to a zoom meeting because of internet issues or something else— please email me. I can send you the recording after. It is not a big deal if it happens so do not stress.

Learning labs have been switched to virtual. The district only wants face to face for testing. More information will be coming.

Reminder this next week is a break in testing. The first, second, and third grades tested this week. Next week the fourth and fifth graders will be testing. We will test the week of September 28th. The sign up genius will be emailed next week so you can pick a time slot.

There is no kindergarten on Friday , September 25th. This is because we are in meetings together going over data and learning new curriculum.

Next week we start our apples unit!!!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Schoology Calendar Updates!

To access the calendar for our class click on the calendar icon I circled above in yellow!
This calendar has goals and important dates already on it for the remainder of September and beginning of October! IMPORTANT to notice that we have a half day of school this Friday- that means we will only have a morning ELA zoom! On the next half day we will do math and not ELA. Please also note there is no Kindergarten on Friday, September 25th.

Testing appts!

Reminder to show up on time for your appointment this week! I will have the form for you to fill out and will be waiting for you by the playground doors. Only students are allowed in the building so I will walk your child back out after we complete the test 🙂 You can wait in your car if that works for you.

Reminder to wear a mask, and check for symptoms before you come.

This week I am testing letters, sounds, numbers, and reading!