Quick Update

Book bags will begin coming home tonight! Please check them for a pink letter I have included to help understand the expectations! πŸ™‚

In yellow folders are Raz Kids login information. This is a website or app that your child can use to read and answer questions about stories. Our school purchases this subscription and it is a great way to get students on the computers and reading.

The class did great for the sub yesterday! I was so happy to read that Ms. Rida loved working with our class yesterday πŸ™‚

Tomorrow will be our first practice fire drill as a school. We have already been practicing getting out and going to our spot but this will be the first time they hear the noise! And it’s loud! Make sure your child is here by 8:35 because we want to talk about it before the alarm goes off at 9:00 am.

Remember that Friday is a half day!

Weekly Updates

Hello Families!

Our second week of school is officially in the books! The students are doing a great job following the routines and working during the work times. I am so proud of how much they get accomplished each day! Many visitors have also commented on how hard they are working each day.

This week we focused on letters E-I. The students did much better at completing the packet pages throughly! We only had a couple who need to finish up some things this weekend. Next week we will begin reading groups and their Montessori work. We are also working on All About Me people so that we can share with others our likes. These will be up in the hallway soon for all to see. Areas to practice at home would be them either reading an easy book to someone or picture reading a more difficult book to someone. Reading logs do not start until October but we have been talking in class about reading to yourself, and reading to others. This is a regular part of our morning literacy time. More information will come home about reading log requirements at the end of September.

We have completed both Math and Language NWEA tests! These are a computer test that is done district wide. Scores will come home with the first report card at conferences so that we can discuss together the results. To prepare for the winter test please make sure your child is playing on websites and familiar with using a computer. We will begin computers in the classroom on Wednesday afternoons. We will start with www.abcya.com which has great games for them! They have language, math, patterning, and of course the fun games that help the students manage the keyboard and mouse.

Unfortunately I will not be here this Monday, Sept 16th. My daughter has a dentist appt for a chipped tooth and she is demanding her Mama take her! It is still hard to leave the class this early so I have Ms. Rida subbing for me. Ms. Rida was a long term sub in our building last year so she is very familiar with the layout and rules of the school. She is also familiar with my schedule for the classroom. I explained to all of the students today so that they know what is happening. I told them I know they will be the best for her on Monday. It would be great if you could remind them Monday morning so that they are not surprised when they do not see me. Thanks for your understanding! I try and post when I will not be here so that the children are prepared for it.

Calendar Updates-

Friday, September 20th- HALF DAY dismissal is at 11:45 am

Weds, September 25th- LATE Start! School begins at 9:35 am

Friday, September 27th– NO SCHOOL for KINDERGARTEN only! (district k meeting)

Have a great weekend!!

new things!

This week we have begun our positive ticket bucket. When I see friends making good choices, helping others, and using nice words I pass out a ticket to them. They write their name and drop it in the bucket. I pull tickets for line leaders, student of the week, scientist of the week, and much more! It’s a great way to focus on the positive actions that are seen. Once the bucket is full we will have a class party! πŸ™‚ A good starter conversation after school can be how did they earn a ticket today in class.

Send In a Picture of Family:

In Kindergarten we understand that it may be hard to be away from your family for eight hours a day. I would encourage each child to bring in a picture of something that makes them happy. This could be a family picture, pet, party, sports team picture, etc. These pictures will be displayed on a board in the classroom. If a student feels sad throughout the day they can go over to the board and look at the picture. ☺

Student of the week and scientist of the week will begin in October and are described below!

Student of the Week:

I will be choosing a ticket from our positive ticket bucket for a student who has had a great week, been a helper in the classroom, and was a great friend to others. I will send home the β€œAll About Me” poster on Friday and would like you to complete over the weekend. During the week that your child is chosen they will have their poster hanging in the hall, be line leader, take the lunch list down every morning, and be the teacher helper. The children love when they are student of the week!

Scientist of the Week:

We will have one student each week chosen for scientist. I have aΒ  folder with experiments and directions for each family. If you receive this folder on Friday then your child was chosen for scientist of the week for the following week.Β  You may choose to do one of my experiments or research with your child to find a new one. This is meant to be a fun time for you and your child to work together. I will be in contact with you to see what the experiment is and if Wednesday afternoons would work.Β I encourage the parents to come in and do the experiment with your child for the class to see. They love to see different experiments so be creative!

Weekly News

We finally finished our first full week of school! The students did a great job getting used to the full days. We have a good routine going by following our daily schedule and they seem to be liking the work times. We are following the daily schedule and have added in some extra breaks to help pass the time while we learn more Montessori shelf work.

In folders today you will see the first weeks packet— letters a-d. We spent time each day reading the poems and discussing how to complete the page. They all did their best which is what I always tell them I am looking for— their best, not perfection. If your child’s paper has a star on it then they completed the packet. If they do not- then they have a couple things to finish up on the pages. I labeled what they needed to do. You can send these back in on Monday if they needed to finish something and I will put a star on it.

Lunch is going much better now. The students are more aware if they need a hot lunch or not. I do NOT need emails each day anymore— we’ve got it down! Thanks for the help the last two weeks. It made a much smoother process for the staff, students, and parents.

Heads up that our first field trip will be Friday, October 18th! We will be going to the Plymouth Orchards with the Preschool and 1st grade classes. Please save the date because each student must have a parent drive and chaperone them. More information will be coming home soon!

Calendar Reminders:

1/2 day– Friday, Sept 20th

Late Start- Weds, Sept 25th

NO SCHOOL for KINDER ONLY- Friday, Sept 27th!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for all who came to Open House last night! It’s always fun for the students to show the parents the classroom and work.

In folders today is our first Scholastic book order. If you would like to place an order you can either go online or send in the paper copy with cash. When you buy books it gives our class points so that we can buy new books for the room. Last years points bought quite a few easy readers and nonfiction books that the students loved to read. If you are looking for cheaper books for your child they always have a $1 book each month as well as some easy reader packs that are priced very well. If you have any questions about scholastic just let me know. Orders are due by Weds, Sept 18th.

Show and share begins on Monday. They can bring anything EXCEPT a live animal or toy weapons. πŸ™‚

Reminder that we are a scent free school. A letter to explain is in today’s folder.

Open House Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Open House from 6-7 pm. This is when the students can show you the classroom!

All of the fliers say 6-730 however the PTA meeting begins at 7 pm. At the PTA meeting will be someone from The Administration building who will be presenting on the BRICS bond that will be coming up in November.

PTA supports our classrooms throughout the school year and they are always looking for parents to join. Please consider attending the meeting and joining for this school year. I cant even list how many ways they assisted the classrooms in the past and are a great resource for our school.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow night!

Weekly News

Each Friday I try and update all of you about what we have done in the classroom throughout the week. It seems like it flew by and everyone is amazed at how well the class is doing already– including myself! We are walking in the hall in a quiet line, choosing and grabbing our own hot lunches, and able to arrive/dismiss with the correct routines! They truly have made great growth this week! It has me super excited for all the fun stuff we will be able to do this year.

A big part of the first week is learning the routines and our classroom space. We have practical life and sensorial shelves and the students have started working on the materials slowly. Today they completed a self-portrait and then were able to grab “work” off of the shelves. Many are calling it toys still because they are working with blocks, playdo, orbeez, puzzles and all of the fun stuff. It’s a great way to get them interested in the materials on the shelves and also explore what we have in the room. I’m excited to open the painting station next week!

We will begin slowly testing the students the next two weeks so that we know what they already know academically. I would like to get them started in the Montessori language and math sequence as soon as possible and can do this after testing. I also have Ms. Puchala (Howe schools interventionist) and Ms. Bost (and early childhood teacher who is assigned to our classroom) to help assist with testing. If your child mentions they worked with someone else it is likely to be one of them. They are a huge part of our classroom and are here to help our students with literacy. We will be working together throughout the year to help your child be a successful reader. Until we are finished testing we will be working on a letter of the day each day, writing our full name and addresses, reading to self, and reading to others.

This week we have also spent a lot of time discussing why we want to be “Upstanders”. An upstander is a person who helps friends and protects themselves and others against bullies. We have discussed ways that bullies can act and what we can do about it! The most important thing is using our words and telling an adult. We made an Upstander pledge and each student promised to help make our room a safe and secure place this year. By promising they painted a finger on a poster. It’s hanging in the hall for all to see at Open House next week.

Next week specials begin! Please remember Monday and Wednesday are gym days and they need to have on gym shoes!

Scheduling Reminders-

NO SCHOOL Friday and Monday for Labor Day

Open House — Wednesday, September 4th! (A great time for you to come and see inside the classroom)

Have a great long weekend!

Parent Connect

Please make sure to have logged on and filled out the emergency card on Parent Connect. You will need to login and either enter information or update it. If you have any questions Ms. Bernadette in the office can answer them! Thanks!

First Week

Hard to believe we have already completed two days of kindergarten already! The students have done a great job learning the procedures and routines. Today we were able to practice with our Montessori rugs and some puzzles. Tomorrow we will have more chances to work with some practical life and sensorial work from our shelves.

Just a couple of reminders:

Please email me if your child is getting hot lunch that day. This was extremely helpful today in decided who had hot or cold lunch. If your child will be getting hot lunch every day then email me that and I can add them to a list so that you do not need to email me daily. I appreciate your help while we learn how to be better prepared for lunch time.

For drop off in the morning please have the kindergartners stand in a line on our side of the entrance way. When they are already lined up it makes it easier to get in the building faster πŸ™‚

We ask that parents allow the students to walk to their lockers by themselves to unpack. The rule is that parents should stop at the end of the hallway to say goodbye because our hallway can get quite congested. The preschool parents unpack their children but we really want our kindergarten students to be confident and able to complete things independently. A big part of the Montessori philosophy is independence.

We will continue to do dismissal like we did yesterday and today for the duration of the year. I always have the students stand against the wall and fist bump/high five me before they leave so that I can look for the parent picking up. This is just to help with safety. If you need to speak with me please wait until the students are mostly gone so that I am not trying to do both at the same time. I appreciate your understanding in this.

Don’t forget to send in a morning snack with your child. Typically we do not eat lunch until 1140 which is a little later. The snacks will help hold them over until lunch time.