Quick Updates!

These last few weeks have flown by! Here are some quick notes:

Monday is galaXy day! Your child may bring a small pillow, small blanket, and small stuffed animal. We will dress in pjs like the rest of the school as well. It will be our day to learn about space and pretend camping. (Please send the blanket, pillow and stuffed animal in a garbage bag. That is the easiest way for them to carry it and bring it back home)

For celebration Monday night—-Please arrive early! Parking will be more difficult. You can use the lot across the street or park down by the Michael Berry Center. Remember to dress up (no cap and gowns). We will start promptly at 5:30 πŸ™‚

Fathers day projects will come home today in a manila envelope! I told the kids to hide them until Sunday, June 18th.

Our school is doing one school one book again this summer! Each student will receive a Summer According to Humphrey today! Their are also questions to go along with it. Please read the cover page note for directions.

Have a great weekend!


Send in a beach towel for your child to β€œwork on” during our outdoor learning day. We will be bouncing back and forth between working under the trees and inside the classroom. ❀️ 🌲

Field trip reminders!

Tomorrow is our field trip!

*Bring colored schedule paper! (Will be given out tomorrow, Wednesday 5/24)

*Our class was split between group 1 and 2. If you have an older sibling you will be with them with both of your kids. I can NOT switch groups. These are for the class.

*Meet on playground at 9:05 am

*Bring a disposable lunch (no place close to buy from)
*YOU are your child’s chaperone.

*They are VERY STRICT with rules (Mrs. Angela saw someone get kicked out a few weeks ago). Please make sure to be following your child around and following their rules.

Information will be sent home in today’s folder.


This afternoon is our color run. From 315-345 the students will follow a path and be “dusted with color”. After they are finished they will get popsicles from the PTA and go back to the preschool playground where myself and their backpacks will be! It is very important that you let them come back and I check them out. Anyone who is not picked up by 3:55 will be walked over to our dismissal doors.

Tomorrow I am collecting book bags! They are finished with them, however they should still be reading each night!

Library books are a great way to get the reading done! I found with my children that when they picked their own books they were much more eager to read! We go weekly and they each check out 21 books! (3 each night). That could be a fun weekly activity for your family like we do πŸ™‚

Montessori Night!

Good morning parents!

We are very excited to welcome you into the school building for Montessori night tonight! A few things:

*Please pick up your child by 3:55 pm still! Teachers need time to set up so we will let you in at 4:15pm from Door 18 (our office doors).

*You can mingle on the playground while you wait.

*Please try and arrive early so that you have time to see everything you need to! (gym, art, and music will also be open)

*Reminder if you have siblings you will need to space your time between all the rooms you need to visit. 

We can’t wait to see you after school!

Quick Updates!

Tomorrow is a late start! Breakfast arrival is 9:35 am!

We will be taking our NWEA math test as soon as they get to school. Make sure to be well rested and have a good breakfast before arriving.

In today’s folders you will see the last eureka math exit ticket. I have corrected this page. ***This kind of problem is on the test on Friday πŸ™‚

For hat day tomorrow please make sure it does not cover there face. Baseball, sun hats, etc. are much better choices!