Saturday Park play date!

I am hoping the weather will cooperate but it isn’t looking so good!!! 🌧. If we have to cancel we can just move it to Sunday. Same time and place.

Saturday, June 27th. 
1-3 pm. Oxford Park (Telegraph & Oxford). 
Bring chairs to sit on. This park has 2 jungle gyms, swings, baseball diamond, and a walking path! It should be perfect 🙂

Last things!

I forgot to put their going to first grade books in the pizza boxes! 😢 Good thing I will see you all soon at the park play date! 😃

Park play date details:

Saturday, June 27th.
1-3 pm. Oxford Park (Telegraph & Oxford).
Bring chairs to sit on. This park has 2 jungle gyms, swings, baseball diamond, and a walking path! It should be perfect 🙂

Email me if you have any questions! It was great to see you all today! I loved all the hugs! ❤️❤️ Happy Summer ☀️


Just a reminder I will be visiting your porches tomorrow with the end of year pizza boxes! It has memories from our year in Kindergarten. I will also have a sign that your child can take pictures with. I am also ok if you would like your child to stand next to me for a picture as well.

An email will be coming shortly with a time frame I will be at your house. 🙂

I have only heard from one family that they will not be home. Everyone else I will be knocking at your door!

Cant wait to see you all! ❤️❤️❤️


From Mr. Borg:

Hope everyone is doing well. Since our students are missing out on our field day, color run, and the other great activities we normally do at the end of the year. I have been trying to come up with an end of the year event for our students.  The best I could come up with that might get maximum participation and be fun is a Virtual Talent Show.
The students can send a short 10-60 second video or picture of whatever talent they would like to share. Their classroom teachers would then share with the class. If the talent in any way involves physical education then I will also post it on my blog. It can be anything. A poem, science experiment, cooking, dance, song, painting, etc. Please send your video to your classroom teacher by Tuesday, June 9th. Thank you!
Mr. Borg

End of Year!

On Thursday, June 11th I will do one final drop off at your house. I have pizza boxes for each child with some memories inside. Hopefully you saved the animal lapbooks and other things from the fall to add to it as well. It’s a good collection of how they spent their kindergarten year! 

I will try and give a time frame for my visit to your house.  I will begin around 10 am and hope to be finished by noon. I also have a sign that says “On to First Grade” that you can take their picture with. The students can also get a last day photo with me if you would like. 

If you are not comfortable with your child coming out and seeing me dropping the stuff off then just email me. I can leave it on your porch. If I do not hear from you I will knock or ring the doorbell when I arrive!

Tomorrow will be the last day of goals and then I will complete report cards! These will be available after Thursday of next week on Parent Connect. The district should also be mailing a hard copy to your homes. 

I’m still working out park play date time and location. I will email you all the details once I have it confirmed 🙂

It saddens me so much that this is how we had to end our year. I so badly just want to have our traditional Kindergarten Celebration in the gym the last week of school with families. I hope that things will be back to normal in the fall and I can “collect” all those missed hugs I have missed out on. I can’t wait to see you all on Thursday!


Hello all! If you have any pictures of ANY art or exercise your child has done please email them to me by next week! I will forward to the specials teachers so that they can count that towards participation on the report card! If you have been emailing me them I have been forwarding. If not — please send me something to pass on to them! 🙂

Me On The Map

I have had lots of questions about the Me On the Map assignment. Many were asking for papers to go with. I attached the file in case you want to use these circles or the flipbook. Your choice– not required. Most important is the concept of the different places that are our location (my home, my street, my city, my state, etc.).