*If you purchase spring pictures online please email me so I can make sure they get their picture taken.

*Classroom faces t-shirts are coming home today!

*Lots of Important papers in today’s folder.

  1. Are you returning to Howe next year! (Orange half sheet).
  2. Solar Eclipse permission slip (must have or else they stay in the office during)
  3. April Reading Log (expectation is still 20 minutes nightly)

If you have any questions about either slip please email me. The sooner you get them in the easier it is for me!


Happy Easter to those who celebrated today. <3

Please send in completed March reading log in yellow folders tomorrow 🙂 April will come home.

Animal diorama projects are due Monday! Send those in with your child. We will be presenting them this and next week.

Picture day is on Tuesday, April 2nd. Students only get pictures taken if they order them. Send in order form and payment.

Animal Homework Due 4/1/24

See Below as a reminder!

We are working on finishing our Montessori animal units! The students have done a great job learning about the different types of animals and why they need the things they do so far. To completely finish this unit I have an at home and school project to be done.

Attached is the template for our “Animal Research” books. Your child needs to choose an animal from the reptile, amphibian, mammal, fish, arctic animal or bird group. Please follow the template and answer the questions about the animal your child picked. Your child should be writing the sentences J  We will be completing books during the month of  March/April so that each child has created a Non-Fiction chapter book about their favorite animal.  The research form is DUE BY MONDAY, MARCH 11th(Send in early if you finish it before 3/11)

The second part of the assignment is to make a habitat diorama for their chosen animal to share with the class when we get back from Spring Break. This diorama should include the animal’s food source, water source, sunlight if needed, and the habitat in which they live. For example: my polar bear habitat would have snow on the ground, a small lake for water, some seals for food, and some sort of cave for him to sleep in. the easiest way to make these is to use an old shoe box as the area and fill from there. Examples can be found on Pinterest by searching “Animal diorama”. This is a good way to get ideas.

I am giving this out early and not making them due until after Spring Break — Animal Dioramas are DUE ON Monday, April 1st. I want everyone to have some time to work on these since it is one of our bigger projects for the year. These are graded and put on report cards so please make sure you are doing this WITH your child… NOT for them.

End of Week Updates!

I can’t believe it is finally Spring Break…. AND IT SNOWED! This weather has certainly been a roller coaster this past month.

We finished: Eureka Math Module 4, Continent Study, Charlotte’s Web and had some fun this week! Benchmark Unit 8- Weather and Seasons will continue after break.

Bunny bags are coming home and have hard boiled egg inside of them. This morning we dyed them. Make sure no one eats them… They were not refrigerated after we dyed them.

Tomorrow the diorama homework will post again as a reminder! Those are due when we get back from Spring Break.

We will have spelling words after break. They are in folders today.

Classroom faces t-shirts came in this week but I have not had time to separate them out. You can expect those after we return from break.

I have collected all book bags like I normally do for breaks. They will get them back in April.

Have a fantastic Spring Break!

Book Fair Directions!

Today in folders your child is coming home with their wish list from the book fair.

We only put books on our list and their are other trinkets.

Please mark what you would like them to purchase. ADD TAX. Then put the total in the bag. CASH ONLY.

We shop tomorrow, but you are also welcome to come between 2:30-4 pm to shop with your child after school.

Happy Monday!

End of Week Updates!

This week we have been busy with learning about some of our 7 continents. (North America, South America, Europe, and Antarctica). Before Spring Break we will have covered all of the continents and made a globe. We are also 13 chapters into Charlotte’s Web! Each day the students are excited to hear what happens next. So far Wilbur has been some pig, terrific, and radiant now! Lots of vocabulary and skills being learned from sitting and listening while I read chapters out loud to them.

We did have 1 morning of pathways IReady practice this week. We were unable to do it on Thursday due to the computers needing to be reset. We should be good to do it again on Tuesday morning for 20 minutes. Many struggled with clicking out and closing the computers. We need to work on just clicking on the answer and not pushing buttons or clicking around the bottom of the screen.

Important dates came home yesterday in folders. I just thought you would want future dates and times to plan ahead! More details about the events will be coming home closer to the event.

Next week is book fair! On Monday your child will come home with a wish list. You can circle what you want them to buy and put money in the bag attached. Please send back in yellow folders and we will buy on Tuesday. Parent hours to shop are Tuesday March 19th from 2:30- 4 pm.

Nex week we will have Module 4 math test.

If you have not sent in the library application please do so soon! Some applications needed signatures and the back filled out. If i sent it home please complete and send back in on Monday.

Mrs. Reed has fixed the survey she thinks! Go in and take it if you can.

Have a great weekend.