Welcome Fifth Graders

Below you will find the school supply list for the 2021-2022 school year. Please plan to bring in your supplies on the first day of school. Students will be setting up their binders on day one and we will be getting to work right away 🙂

If you have not already please join our class community on Class Dojo I sent instructions home with returning students at the end of the school year. If you were not here at the end of the year or lost this information I will be sending these instructions again on the first day of school in the home communication folder. Class Dojo will be your place for reminders/updates and the easiest way of communicating with the guest teacher who will be starting the school year with your students as I am out on maternity leave.

Learning Labs, Fall NWEA Family Reports, & Family Communication

Houses & Virtual Learning Labs

Earlier today I introduced students to our class House System. Each student has been assigned a house and will participate in a weekly learning lab with their house. The learning lab will be an opportunity for students to engage in small groups (4-5 students) as we focus on goals, social-emotional skills, STEM challenges, and building community. Zoom links for labs will be added to the weekly classroom presentation on Schoology.

Your student may be invited to additional learning lab sessions throughout the week based on intervention needs and will work with myself and our school reading interventionist Mrs. Puchala. I will be reaching out to you with a schedule if your student falls into this category. 

Parent Communication

I have sent email invitations for parents to join Class Dojo. Please think of Class Dojo as your student’s home communication folder. Anything that would have traditionally gone home in their folder will now be placed on Class Dojo. This is also where you will find your student’s digital portfolio, I already placed Fall NWEA Reports in your student’s portfolio.

If you have any questions regarding these updates please email me.

Thank you & have a wonderful weekend!

NWEA Update

Wow, I could not be more proud of the fifth graders today!! They did a fabulous job logging into the NWEA test and navigating Zoom at the same time when they needed assistance. I know there were a few older siblings and parents who helped with tech behind the scenes and I just wanted to thank you for helping everything run smoothly today.

The majority of students completed the reading NWEA this morning and a few will finish on Thursday during the additional testing time. Once students have completed all the NWEA tests I will generate a family report and email those out Friday afternoon.

I am looking at data as it comes in this week and will create individual goal work plans for students to begin next week. I am also planning for virtual learning labs. I will have more information on virtual learning labs later this week 🙂

Thank you!

Updates & NWEA Testing

I wanted to send a few updates as well as announce NWEA testing will begin on Monday. As a class we seem to be getting into a routine, we are getting comfortable with our daily/weekly schedule and adjusting to communicating/participating in virtual lessons. Everyone has been able to access the materials they need and students are comfortable completing/turning in work. I am amazed at how far students have come in such a short time and look forward to the bright year ahead!

On Friday I will work with students to make sure their devices are set up for NWEA testing. Testing will begin on Monday and we will follow the schedule posted below. I have posted some student expectations for testing as well as what students can expect to work on after testing. If you have any questions regarding testing please email me.

NWEA Testing Schedule

September 21
September 22
September 23
September 24
Additional Time
September 25
TBA depending on the number of students who need complete tests.

Student Expectations

Testing-Students should find a quiet place to test
-I will walk students through how to log on to the NWEA test 
-Students will be placed in individual break out rooms to begin their test 
-Students should leave their Zoom open while they are testing so I may assist if a testing issue occurs
-If an issue occurs the student should leave their breakout room so I may assist them in the main Zoom
-Once the problem is corrected I will place the student back in their break out room
-Once the student completes their test they may log off Zoom
After TestingThere will be no live Zoom’s other than the test sessions for the week of September 21 with the expectation of Friday if all students have completed their NWEA tests. I will not introduce new content while we are NWEA testing. Students should follow the independent work schedule of review activities in Schoology for the week of September 21. 

Once testing is complete students/parents can expect individualized goal work and small group Zoom instruction throughout the week based on testing data.

Reminder Friday is a 1/2 day & teachers will be in training for the afternoon.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 3

The moment to unveil Schoology has finally arrived!!

I created a short video to walk you through logging in to Schoology and how to access our Zoom meetings for each week. I also discuss our weekly schedule. Your task for Thursday is to watch the video and to make sure you are able to log in and find those Zoom links so you are ready to go on Tuesday morning at 9:00AM.


Parents, I also ask that you please look over the virtual learning expectations and review them with your student before our first meeting on Tuesday.

If you have any questions please email me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 2

Thank you all for working so hard to complete this week’s to-do list. I am just waiting on a few more surveys and student emails 🙂 I really enjoy reading them and learning more about each student!

Students, I loved reading all about your favorite fall activities! As a class, we have a lot of favorite fall activities in common. Some of my fall favorites include: lighting my favorite fall scented candles, bonfires & making S’mores, and carving pumpkins!

Wednesday’s Task

Choose a Positive Affirmation

Tuesday, September 1

Wow! What an amazing Monday! 

I am even more excited to get this year started full swing after meeting so many of you! Tuesday I will continue to meet families/students for material pick up. So far, 14/19 families have completed the parent survey and 7/19 students have sent me an email answering my get to know you questions. If you haven’t completed the to-do list from the back to school presentation please do so by 3:50 PM on Thursday. I wanted to answer a common question from today, there are NO live meetings planned for this week. I will continue to make a daily post with a check-in question/task for students to answer each day this week. Make sure you check my iblog daily this week for new information 🙂

Reminder: No School Friday or Monday

Tuesday, September 8th we will begin live meetings using Zoom, you can expect to receive instructions for logging in and our weekly schedule by Thursday afternoon.

It’s my goal to make beginning the year virtually as headache free for everyone as I possibly can. I appreciate your patience and support!

Sharing some student Riddles/Giggles (I had a lot submitted without the punch line so if you don’t see yours that’s why)

1- What is full of holes but still holds water?

2-What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit?

3-What do you call a witch at the beach?

4-knock knock……who there?……..pencil……….pencil Who?


1- A sponge

2- Ba-na-na-naaaa

3- A Sandwich!🥪+ 🧙

4- pencilvenia

Tuesday Task

Can you believe it’s September already!?! Not quite officially fall but I am ready for my favorite season to begin!

Tell me your Favorite Fall Activities

I will share mine with you tomorrow on the blog!

Welcome Fifth Graders

I am very excited to welcome you all to fifth grade! I know this year is starting off differently than any of us could have imagined but I am committed to making this the best year yet! Fifth grade is so much fun and I can not wait to meet each of you this coming week.

Fifth Grade Orientation –

Please use the link below to sign up for an orientation time on Monday or Tuesday. This is an opportunity to meet me, pick up important student materials, and ask questions.


First Week of School –

The first week of school runs Monday, August 31 – Thursday, September 3. Please review the back to school presentation below for information regarding the start of the school year and a few tasks that need to be completed by 3:50PM on Thursday, September 3.

I look forward to meeting with each of you this coming week.

If you have any questions please email me: Jinna@dearbornschools.org.

Thank you!

Mondays @ 12:00 Noon

Hi everyone!

Based on the form responses Mondays at 12 Noon works well for the majority. I do want to remind everyone that even if you are unavailable to make the live meetings our school community will still be able to see and interact with the posts you make to padlet.

Meetings will take place on Zoom, for security purposes I will email out the code and post it to google classroom at 8AM the day of the meeting.

If you are not familiar with Zoom please check out the instructions below you will need to download Zoom prior to the meeting 🙂