9-6-19 Weekend Homework

Reading: read for 20 minutes each day
Math: Succeed pages 11-12; use the homework helper page for assistance!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “9-6-19 Weekend Homework

  1. hello Mrs.Silva/Ms.Prebenda !!! its Maryam Saeed i miss you a whole lot . I hope your having a wonderful time with your new class . i wish that you were still my teacher . i am doing Nwea today is pretty hard !! But my work has finally payed off . We are learning about social studies which is my favorite subject . I miss you a lot but i see you all the time in the halls ! . Keep doing what your doing !! Your good at it goodbye !!!

    Love , Maryam Saeed your Last Year Student

    • Hi Maryam! I miss you too! I hope that you are loving 5th grade. I have no doubt that you will do great things. Never be afraid to say hi in the hallways! Good luck this year. P.S. My last name changed so I am now Mrs. Silva. 🙂

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