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February & March Newsletter

on April 4, 2022

Hello Howe Families! Happy Monday and Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone had an enjoyable week off, whether you traveled somewhere warm, or stayed home and spent time with family around town like I did!

As we come back to school I wanted to update everyone on our classroom these past months, and sincerely apologize for the lack of weekly classroom updates! During the months of February and March our classroom experienced lots of good change. Early February Mrs. Ferial, our class paraprofessional aid, decided to leave our class and transfer to another position in the district. I know for our classroom and Mrs. Ferial, it wasn’t an easy transition but it was for the best! We miss Mrs. Ferial but appreciate the support we are getting from our long term sub Mr. Jim, until we can find a new person interested in joining the Room 110 Bunch!

In addition to loosing Mrs. Ferial, we also added a new student to the classroom. Our new friend Najma has been with us for almost a month now, all the kids are enjoying a new friend. With all this change it has taken our class sometime to adjust and get back into our normal routine. I appreciate every family, and I apologize for the lack of updates lately. With all of the changes in our room a lot of my work time was taken up by managing the classroom and supporting the students. As we continue into our final semester of the school year I will do my best to keep up with the weekly updates and pictures from class!

During the month of February we had lots of fun. A big topic of the month was Love because of Valentines day! We read many books about love, friendship, and family. We explored valentines things, had fun exploring sensory based play and did lots of great work! For ELA our goal this month was to identify a familiar book and to identify begging sounds of familiar words. Our Math goal for the month was to be able to identify shapes. We had so much fun exploring all different shapes and talk lots about objects in our world that are fun shapes.

During the month of March we were filled with the luck of the Irish. We talked lots about leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold! Math was all about measurement. We compared big or small, and tall or short. We also measured length with our counting cubes! Our monthly goal for ELA was to be able to identify what the character did in the story, and to be able to independently explore books. March was also reading month so we focused a lot of our book of the month, The Wizard of Oz. The kids loved the many different picture version stories of the classic book! We had fun playing with our character finger puppets and retelling the story!

Please enjoy the many pictures from the last two months!

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