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Happy New Year!

on January 19, 2024

Welcome Back and Happy 2024! I hope everyone enjoyed the break and great start to the New Year! November and December flew by, and were some of the busiest months! We celebrated and welcomed a new student into our class. We had a school sing along, visits from Santa, swimming field trip, and had lots of fun learning daily. Each week we have a read aloud story that we focus on and talk about. November and December stories were Thankful, In November, Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter, Snowmen At Night, Old Lady Who swallowed a Pie, The Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow. With these stories we talked about what we are thankful for, about the season change, and the Holiday Season! For our academic reading goal we worked on Major events from a story. What happened first, next, and last? We also worked on identifying unknown words from a story. All the kids worked hard on identifying and making connections with our core words that we could find in the story.

Math for November and December was identifying groups of more or less. We also worked on addition of putting things together. We made groups of a lot of items and groups of a little bit of items and found the groups of more and groups of less. with addition we found two numbers and just counted them together. We practiced these skills by using our smartboard and math manipulatives! For addition we used our number bonds, and for groups of more or less we used our alligator hands.

For writing we focused on a different letter each day. During letter work and handwriting time we practice the letter sounds, work on identify words that start with that letter, and also practice our handwriting skills by practicing those letters.

Here are some pictures from all the fun we’ve been having over that last few months!

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