Last Day of School

Happy last day of school!  It has certainly been a different and challenging school year but you have persevered and made it through. Please take this time to fully take advantage of self-care. Go for long walks, read a book under a tree, some fun in the water and so much more. You deserve it! To all of the educators and parents that continue to work hard to help your children build social and emotional skills, I wish you a restful, relaxing summer! Please know I am still available throughout the summer by email.

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Hello All,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time outside with your family. I would like to give a few updates.

  1. Dearborn schools will continue to offer free student meals over the summer in the grab-and-go format that has been used since March. Meals will be distributed on Wednesdays and include food for seven lunches and breakfasts for the child.
  2. Summer school remote program begins July 6- August 6 from 9-1 Monday- Thursday.
  3. I will be available during the summer program hours. Please feel free to contact me.

Have a great day!

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What’s one of your greatest strengths?

Hello All,

This is a question I like to ask my students. This question lights them up! We all have gifts that we are born with (e.g., humor, perseverance, courage, leadership etc.). We all also have strengths that we have developed through experience. Through researcher, we have learned that kids and teens who learn to apply their strengths handle stress better, cultivate stronger relationships, and increase overall well-being. Please click on the link that has different bingo cards that you can print and play with your kids. This is an old fashioned game of bingo — with a twist to help educate our students to discover their strengths.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!

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Act of Kindness

Hello Howe family,

We know that acts of kindness and small gestures can bring joy to others, and by helping others, we, in turn, benefit especially in these stressful, uncertain times. In fact, by thinking about and doing things to help others, we can actually reduce our own anxiety. Below is an activity your child can do at home to show an act of kindness

In this activity, you will help your child understand how kindness benefits everyone! It is made up of two parts:

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Different schools, different expectations… Different homes, different expectations.

Hello Howe family,

I am sure these times have been difficult at home in regards to setting daily schedules, routines and setting expectations. When setting your home expectations it is important to recognize that each home is different. What works for example for your friend’s home might not work for you. It is also important to recognize that each child is different, even children living in the same home is different. As a parent, it is important to follow through with the expectations you set.

Here are some guidelines.

  1. Use positive wording- Instead of “Stop yelling,” try “Use your inside voice.” Instead of “No throwing the ball in the house,” try “You can only throw the ball outside.”
  2. Be a teacher- When you have to say NO, give a reason why. For example; “no throwing the ball at home”. You tell your child because it is dangerous to play ball at home. you can break a glass and someone can get hurt. If your child accepts your answer, compliment him, say something like “Thank you for being respectful and understanding today.
  3. Acknowledge appropriate behavior- Use positive reinforcement to teach your children which actions/behaviors are expected, accepted, or desired. Figure out what kinds of acknowledgments your child will be motivated by. Ask them what they would enjoy doing (not necessarily having)! Create a special “reward” basket or box of toys or items that you already own but that your child only gets to play with or use when they have done what was expected. Create a visual recognition system, such as a sticker chart. For example, list your child’s weekly chores and use a sticker to mark when each one is completed. At the end of the week, if all chores are completed according to expectation, give a reward.

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Living through history

Good Morning Howe Family!

Each of us have found different ways to help us through this unique experience.

How are you making the most of these moments in history? Show us by posting a photo or artwork with a description, special memories, or a news link that has value to you and your family during this time of “stay at home.”

Click the link below. Once you are on the site, press the add button in the bottom right-hand corner to share your memory. Make sure to write your name or family name in your post.

We cannot wait to see how everyone is living through history! Living Through HistoryStay safe and healthy!

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Calm Down Corner at Home

Hello All,

One way to help children learn how to self-regulate is by providing them with calm down corners. A calm down corner is a designated space in a classroom or home with the sole intent of being a safe space for a child to go to when they feel their emotions are too high and they need to regain their emotional and physical control. These spaces are equipped with comforting objects and soothing materials that can promote mindfulness, breathing, and reflection.

Being able to calm yourself when emotions run high – or self-regulate – is a learned skill. Similar to how a child is taught to tie their shoe once they have the fine motor skills to do so, once a child’s brain is developmentally ready to self-regulate, they can learn different strategies and ways that work well for them. This is not a “time out” or punishment – there shouldn’t be any stigma associated with the calm down corner. Although you may encourage a child to spend some time in the space when you feel they’re starting to become distressed, the goal is that eventually the child will recognize when they want to be there and will go there on their own in order to self-regulate and calm down.

Take Action

The overall goal of a calm down corner is to provide the child with a space in which they’ll feel safe and regulating their emotions in a healthy way. These corners don’t need to be complicated and don’t even require purchasing any new materials or items if you do not want to.

Example of an at home calming corner
  • Designate a corner in a room in your home as your child’s new calm down corner.
  • Fill the space with a soft rug or mat, bean bag chair, or other plush options for sitting or lying down, and with some of your child’s favorite books, stuffed animals or quiet toys.
  • If your child is older, you can utilize short bookcases to help block the space out to provide your child with some privacy. Below is a sample of how simple a calming corner can look.

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Core Board

Hello Families,

I hope you had a restful week. I spent the week playing board games and going on walks with the family. When we were out on our walks, we decided to play I spy and that was a lot of fun. Please share what fun or relaxing activities you did with your family.

The Core board uses Core vocabulary refers to the small number of words that make up >70-90% of what we say each day. These words are relevant in all settings and can have multiple meanings. Core words can be taught and reinforced in a variety of activities and allow for quick and easy word combinations. Core vocabulary allows communicators to express a variety of concepts with a small number of words.

Please click the link below to get a copy of the Core board that is used in Wayne county.

The Center for AAC & Autism. “Core Word of the Week” Words and Activities [PDF file]. Retrieved from

Wayne County Core Vocabulary Communication Board

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iblog translation

Hello All,

I hope everyone continues to be safe and healthy! Please make sure you don’t forget to take care of yourself and take a break when needed. Do something that you enjoy doing at home ( i.e. read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, write and play a game, and exercise). I am available if you need someone to talk to through email ( and through this iblog. Parents, please remember that in order to take care of anyone you need to make sure you are healthy and it is ok to take care of yourself. I know as a parent we sometimes feel like we are being selfish when we take a break. IT IS NOT selfish. It was brought to my attention from a teacher that the iblog can be fully translated to about 130 different languages. Which I thought was amazing :). Please, if you need the page translated scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and in the middle, you will see a language tab.

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River Crossing

Below are directions to play a fun indoor game for the family. This game is great for building teamwork, practicing communication, and problem-solving skills.

How to play;

First, players should collect items that could be used as stepping stones (pieces of cardboard or fabric, styrofoam plates, etc).  The smaller the stepping stones are, the more challenging it will be!  Use one less stepping stone than the number of members playing; so, if you have 4 people playing, use 3 items.  Everyone then agrees on a starting point and a destination.  The players move the stepping stones to create a path, so each player can reach the destination.  After each item is placed on the floor, at least one player has to be touching the stepping stone at all times.  If a stepping stone is placed on the floor and no one is touching it, the stone must be removed from the game.  Each group or family playing can make up their own fun rules for consequences when a player steps off of the stepping stone onto the “lava” floor (player has to be blindfolded, they can only use one hand, etc.).

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