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Hello Families,

I hope you had a restful week. I spent the week playing board games and going on walks with the family. When we were out on our walks, we decided to play I spy and that was a lot of fun. Please share what fun or relaxing activities you did with your family.

The Core board uses Core vocabulary refers to the small number of words that make up >70-90% of what we say each day. These words are relevant in all settings and can have multiple meanings. Core words can be taught and reinforced in a variety of activities and allow for quick and easy word combinations. Core vocabulary allows communicators to express a variety of concepts with a small number of words.

Please click the link below to get a copy of the Core board that is used in Wayne county.

The Center for AAC & Autism. “Core Word of the Week” Words and Activities [PDF file]. Retrieved from

Wayne County Core Vocabulary Communication Board

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