Different schools, different expectations… Different homes, different expectations.

Hello Howe family,

I am sure these times have been difficult at home in regards to setting daily schedules, routines and setting expectations. When setting your home expectations it is important to recognize that each home is different. What works for example for your friend’s home might not work for you. It is also important to recognize that each child is different, even children living in the same home is different. As a parent, it is important to follow through with the expectations you set.

Here are some guidelines.

  1. Use positive wording- Instead of “Stop yelling,” try “Use your inside voice.” Instead of “No throwing the ball in the house,” try “You can only throw the ball outside.”
  2. Be a teacher- When you have to say NO, give a reason why. For example; “no throwing the ball at home”. You tell your child because it is dangerous to play ball at home. you can break a glass and someone can get hurt. If your child accepts your answer, compliment him, say something like “Thank you for being respectful and understanding today.
  3. Acknowledge appropriate behavior- Use positive reinforcement to teach your children which actions/behaviors are expected, accepted, or desired. Figure out what kinds of acknowledgments your child will be motivated by. Ask them what they would enjoy doing (not necessarily having)! Create a special “reward” basket or box of toys or items that you already own but that your child only gets to play with or use when they have done what was expected. Create a visual recognition system, such as a sticker chart. For example, list your child’s weekly chores and use a sticker to mark when each one is completed. At the end of the week, if all chores are completed according to expectation, give a reward.

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