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September Newsletter!

on October 6, 2023

Hello Howe School families!

Just like that we are done with September and in to October. September was a month filled with fun and lots of learning activities. Each week we have a read aloud story that we focus on and talk about. This months stories were, Our Class is A Family, David Goes to School, Pete The Cat Rocking In My School Shoes, Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn, and The Bad Apple. With these stories we talked about a classroom community, classroom rules, How to be a good friend, and things that happen at school! For our academic reading goal we worked on WH questions. What story did we read? Who was the story about? Where did the story take place? The students did a great job and enjoyed creating a list of good rules and bad rules for our classroom.

Math for September consisted of number talk. What a number is and how we can identify that number while counting out objects. The kids love math time because they get to interact with the smartboard while working on their counting skills. We practiced counting with apples, and helping the bears get on the bus!

Our monthly Social Studies focus was on a classroom community and following school rules. We listened to many stories about school rules and talked lots about how to make a classroom community in room 110. We also created a list of good behaviors and bad behaviors that we see at school. We continued the conversation and are working on creating our own set of classroom rules for RM 110.

For writing we focused on a different letter each day. During letter work and handwriting time we practice the letter sounds, work on identify words that start with that letter, and also practice our handwriting skills by practicing those letters. We also practiced with weekly stories that relate to our school theme like back to school, of fall colors!

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