Mrs. Melissa's Bunch

Dearborn Public Schools

Tuesday 2/23

on February 23, 2021

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Start your at home learning activities with the daily video posted below!

This months Math focus is identifying shapes . Keep practicing these math skills by first listening to the song posted below. Practice identifying shapes with the pull off shape board. Then complete the Tuesday Math worksheet (sent home in the weekly work packet), or complete the virtual activity linked below.

Shapes Game

Our monthly focus for reading, is to be able to determine the beginning and ending of a story.  Today‚Äôs reading activity is to read through the News 2 You article about the Great Backyard Bird Count, from the work packet. Watch the video below, then read the article, and complete the review page, and thinking page, with the hard copy, or the link below!

Great Backyard Bird Count Article

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