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Thursday 1/14

on January 14, 2021

Hello, Happy Thursday friends! 

Click on the “Daily Class Zoom” link below for our live virtual meeting at 10 am today! After our meeting I will post the recording for any of my friends who missed today’s session.

Daily Class Zoom Meeting ID: 826 6337 0949 Passcode: 466318

Today I have individual sessions scheduled for TK, MA, & GE

Start your at home learning by logging into Schoology, like the daily update, and complete the daily activities posted in the daily update. Schoology login: student ID# Password: MMDDYY

Today’s at home learning activities are posted below, and on the classroom Schoology page. Start your at home learning by working through our virtual calendar, and reading activity posted below!

Virtual Calendar

Our monthly focus for reading, is identify the beginning sound of familiar words beginning with a single consonant sound.  Today’s reading activity is to read through the Winter book, from the work packet. You can follow along with me in the video below, or read it on your own!

Start your afternoon learning with a Math activity followed by a Science activity. This months Math focus is identifying fractions. Join me in the video below for todays Math lesson, and keep practicing these math skills by trying the virtual activity linked below.

Identify Fractions

Complete your day of learning with a quick Science activity about Plants and their need for Survival. First watch the video below, then practice identifying the different things plants need to survive and grow, with the fun game linked below.

Plants Needs

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