Good morning all.

Let’s hope today is better than yesterday. Remember your child needs to join my zoom meeting this morning @ 8:55 through Schoology. If you have any problems, please contact the Help Desk. I will not be able to answer any calls or emails until 1:00, so by then it will be too late.

Lunch is at 11:45. Then your child needs to come back at 12:25. I will be taking attendance at these 2 times, so please be on time.

See you soon.


Our new PE teacher’s blog link is below.


Below is the link for the story we watched. You can watch again and then on paper you are to write your first and last name along with 5 things you want the class to know about you. You may also use your crayons to draw pictures to go along with your writing. Please send to my email: logelp@dearbornschools.org

I will be calling some of you during 1:55-3:50.

Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow morning @ 8:55.

Step by step on how to log into Schoology

I have written the steps to login for those that would like to print it out and keep it in handy.


  2. Go to dearbornschools.org
  3. Click on Student Portal
  4. Click on Schoology
  5. Sign in with your google account username: student ID #(200) and password: birthdate (MMDDYYYY) for example if your birthday is September 3, 2010 you would type 09032010
  6. Look for the course that has a yellow background with a globe, it says Ms. Logel’s: 4th/5th- click on it
  7. Click on the word Zoom meetings
  8. Click on the link that says Tuesday 9-8. You need to be on before 8:55 because attendance will be taken at that time. Please be on time.
  9. Then you will wait until I start the meeting
  10. IF for some reason you’re having  a hard time logging in please call the Help Desk at 313-827-3003 or Oakman Office 313-827-6500 and let them know. I will not be able to check emails or take phone calls at that time because I will be teaching.

Remember we are taking this one day at a time and it’s new for all of us- me included.  We will do our best and get through it. We are Lions and we will get through this!




What a great first week of school!! I am so proud of all of you!! We are all in this together and we will make the best out of 2020!

I know some of you were having troubles with yesterday’s work-you can just write it on paper and send me a picture of it or write it in an email to me. Thank you to those who have completed their work everyday this week so far! If you didn’t do something, you still have time. Remember, if you have any questions, please email me.

Please complete the math problems and send it to my email. Remember submitting your work will be considered as present for attendance. So please make sure you get the work done.

Underline the clue word in each word problem. Write the equation.

Solve the problem.

1. Mark has 17 gumballs. He gives 6 gumballs to Amber. How many gumballs does Mark have left?5. Sara and her two friends bake a pan of 12 brownies. If the girls share the brownies equally, how many will each girl have?
2. Lauren scored 6 points during the soccer game. Diana scored twice as many points. How many points did Diana score?6. Erica ate 12 grapes. Riley ate 3 more grapes than Erica. How many grapes did both girls eat?
3. Kyle has 12 baseball cards. Jason has 9 baseball cards. How many do they have altogether?7. Alice the cat is 12 inches long. Turner the dog is 19 inches long. How much longer is Turner?
4. Mandy ordered 3 pizzas. Each pizza has 8 pieces. How many pieces did she order in all?8. There are 15 flowers to fill 3 vases. How many flowers can be placed in each vase?

I hope you all have a great long weekend-No School Friday or Monday because of Labor Day. I’m looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.

enjoy the holidays



I hope you are enjoying your first days of virtual learning.

Today you will complete the chart below. You can print a copy or write the answers on a paper and take a picture of your completed work. Once you are done, please send it to my email.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!



Welcome to 2nd day of school! I was so happy to see many of you on Monday. Today you will listen to a story on you-tube. Please click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZCJyaF7cR0

Please write about how your 1st day of school is different than Amelia Bedelia’s day. Send it to my email: logelp@dearbornschools.org

A few of you didn’t do the writing about your summer break yesterday. Please make sure you send that to my email.

Thank you and have a great day.