What a great first week of school!! I am so proud of all of you!! We are all in this together and we will make the best out of 2020!

I know some of you were having troubles with yesterday’s work-you can just write it on paper and send me a picture of it or write it in an email to me. Thank you to those who have completed their work everyday this week so far! If you didn’t do something, you still have time. Remember, if you have any questions, please email me.

Please complete the math problems and send it to my email. Remember submitting your work will be considered as present for attendance. So please make sure you get the work done.

Underline the clue word in each word problem. Write the equation.

Solve the problem.

1. Mark has 17 gumballs. He gives 6 gumballs to Amber. How many gumballs does Mark have left?5. Sara and her two friends bake a pan of 12 brownies. If the girls share the brownies equally, how many will each girl have?
2. Lauren scored 6 points during the soccer game. Diana scored twice as many points. How many points did Diana score?6. Erica ate 12 grapes. Riley ate 3 more grapes than Erica. How many grapes did both girls eat?
3. Kyle has 12 baseball cards. Jason has 9 baseball cards. How many do they have altogether?7. Alice the cat is 12 inches long. Turner the dog is 19 inches long. How much longer is Turner?
4. Mandy ordered 3 pizzas. Each pizza has 8 pieces. How many pieces did she order in all?8. There are 15 flowers to fill 3 vases. How many flowers can be placed in each vase?

I hope you all have a great long weekend-No School Friday or Monday because of Labor Day. I’m looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.

enjoy the holidays

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