Math 3rd M4L4; 4th M5L9; 30 minutes daily, Study Island name & score

Read 30 minutes daily Study Island name & score, read chapter 2 and write main idea/key details

Enjoy the extra day off with family and friends.  See you on Monday!


Math: Study Island-session name & score/Zearn

Reading: Study Island-session name & score

Tomorrow we check out Library books, so have both of them with you.

Thursday is Picture Day, Pennies for Patients money is due, Oakman shirt orders due and 4th Grade has their concert at 2:00.  4th Grade parents are welcome to come.

Today we had the Young 5 class come and present facts about butterflies.

If you are interested in eagles, go to:  https://explore.org/livecams/bald-eagles/decorah-eagles-north-nest

Here’s a picture from yesterday

Week of 4-15-19

Monday: Book orders due

Thursday: Spring Picture Day, yearbooks cost $15-there are limited copiesorder forms for Oakman shirts due.

Friday: No School

Reading: We will be reading informational text including illustrations to help understand the text, discussing main idea and key details.  We’ll also be getting ready for MSTEP.

Writing: We will be preparing for MSTEP and continuing opinion writing.

Spelling: Since this is a short week, we won’t be working on new spelling words.

Math: 3rd graders are working on area of rectangles.  4th graders are continuing with fractions.

Science: 3rd graders are finishing up with animals heredity, variation and selection.  4th graders are finishing up with erosion.

Social Studies: 3rd grade- Michigan Government and Public Issues facing Michigan citizens.  4th grade-Rights and Responsibilities of citizens.



Week of 4-8-19

I hope you all have enjoyed the break, especially the warmer weather the past two days.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

Monday: Welcome back to school

Wednesday: Parent Teacher Conferences for those contacted 4-7 pm

Spelling: Test on Friday

3rd Grade- Contractions

  1. isn’t
  2. didn’t
  3. we’ll
  4. she’s
  5. you’ve
  6. there’s
  7. haven’t
  8. won’t
  9. he’s
  10. don’t

Content –

  1. digit
  2. characteristic
  3. count
  4. solve
  5. tally

4th Grade- Change y to i and add est

  1. loveliest
  2. crunchiest
  3. neediest
  4. spunkiest
  5. luckiest
  6. silliest
  7. prettiest
  8. happiest
  9. dizziest
  10. supply
  11. demand
  12. income
  13. specialization
  14. competition

Homework for break

Complete one Math assignment on Study Island everyday at 80% or better.

Complete one ELA assignment on Study Island everyday at 80% or better.

Videos on Khan Academy can help when you stuck.

Read everyday for 30 minutes

I hope you enjoy your time off and are able to get outside.