Tuesday, April 21

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Thanks to everyone who joined our online session. I have reset the code to join our classroom, so if you haven’t joined and need the code, please email me or Mrs. Fernandes for that code.


Each time you are in class for most of the hour-5 minutes or less late is ok-you will get 4 points in Student Connect. You will also get points for completing assignments in Google Classroom when they are assigned-like ixl.

Times for iready will be graded by Sunday. You should have 150-180 online minutes total since the quarantine. You may have to add up the minutes week by week to make sure that your minutes are ok.

Tomorrow’s assignment will be to watch the video, and complete the assignment on Google Classroom.

This week’s ixl is Y7 which is all about terms, variables, coefficients, and constants. It might take a little practice, but I am sure that you will get the hang of it!

See you all on Thursday!

Mrs. Fernandes and Mrs. Klemetson

Thursday, April 16

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We are going to switch to one Google Classroom for online learning starting on Monday. Please add yourself to the class.

  1. Go to Google Classroom.
  2. Look for the + sign in the top right corner. Click on that to add a class.
  3. Use the code below. You should then be added to the new online learning classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know asap. Please keep checking your email for further updates.

April 13-April 16

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Week #4 Enrichment Learning….

Hello! Welcome back to another week of online learning. This week we will continue to work on our iready learning online through Clever. You should be doing 60-90 minutes per WEEK on iready lessons. You should be working 30-60 minutes per WEEK on ixl.com. This week I will post another Kahoot challenge that you should complete by Friday. Here is a suggested schedule for the week.

Monday-30 minutes on iready, completing 1 lesson on your list.

Tuesday-30 minutes on ixl.com. Choose anything 6th grade or ABOVE! Anything below 6th grade WILL NOT COUNT in your minutes. Go back and finish something you haven’t completed, or try something new in the Algebra section.

Wednesday-30 minutes on iready, completing 1 lesson on your list.

Thursday-Complete the Kahoot challenge posted. Feel free to complete this anytime, but we listed it on Thursday to spread the work out throughout the week.

Friday-30 minutes on iready, completing 1 lesson on your list.

Teachers will be contacting you this week to check in and see how things are going.

Next week your schedule may change a bit. We will give you more information on that later in the week. Keep checking back for more information. We will send updates on remind as well!

Have a great week!

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March 30-April 3

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Week 3 of reviewing from home. These are skills that we have already learned during the year.

**During this week, we will be checking work from the past two weeks and recording whether it has been completed each week. Thanks to everyone who has let us know through email or remind when they finish their work.

This is the week ahead and what you should be working on:

Kahoot Challenge this week!


Monday, March 30-One lesson on iready completed with a green check.

Tuesday, March 31-Watch the two videos on multiplying and dividing fractions…(hopefully they work for you. If not, try looking for something on Khan Academy.)



Review ixl.com topics



Wednesday, April 1

One lesson on iready completed with a green check

Thursday, April 2

Continue with Tuesday’s work-videos and ixl.com

Friday, April 3. One iready lesson completed with a green check. Today is the last day to complete the kahoot challenge!

Have a great week!

March 23-27, 2020

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Please email or send a text via Remind each day when you complete your assignment. We want to know how things are going!

As always, please let us know if you are having any trouble with anything. We check emails a few times a day and can respond quickly.

Please check Google Classroom, email, and Remind each day to check for new information or online enrichment activities.

Kahoot Challenge this week is about Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. Remember that?? 🙂


Monday 3/23 Complete a lesson in your iReady to do list. Feel free to do 2 lessons today!

Tuesday 3/24 ixl.com E7 and E9 ( If you have already earned 100% on these, you can try E8 and E10, or do E7 and E9 again for a quick reminder.)

Wednesday 3/25 Complete a lesson in your iReady to do list. Feel free to do 2 lessons today!

Thursday 3/26 Create a Google Slides presentation about Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. 5 slides or more, definitions, examples, videos, characters, video clips. Be creative!

*Remember, you need to create the slides presentation from Classroom, and then turn it in through Google Classroom. You cannot just share a Google Slides presentation. It must be created through Classroom. Please ask for help if you need it.

Friday 3/27 Complete a lesson in your iReady to do list. Feel free to do two today!

Have a great week! We are anxious to hear from all of you and the progress you are making!

Live Meeting Tomorrow 1-2pm

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Hey everyone! 

Happy Thursday! Mrs. Klemetson and I have set up a Google Meeting tomorrow from 1-2pm. Click on the link and it will take you there, or you can phone in. If you choose to phone in you will dial the number then the pin. 

Please remember, this meeting will be like a virtual classroom. We expect the same respect from you (even though we might be videoing in our kitchen!). We will be available to answer any questions you might have. This is not required, but we would love to see you! We are asking at this time to use this virtual space for STUDENTS only. 




Here is the phone number: 

+1 980-330-1230‬ PIN: ‪234 447 408‬#

I will send this information out on Remind, Email, and the blog as well 🙂

Hang in there, be safe, and stay healthy!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Mrs. Fernandes