Google Classroom Parent Guide and Chrome Extensions

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Want to add some helpful Chrome Extensions? Need some help navigating Google Classroom? Check out these links!

Chrome Extensions for Students:

Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom

Week of March 16-20

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Please email Mrs. Klemetson and Mrs. Fernandes when you complete each day’s assignments.

Here is a basic outline of the week. I will be adding other activities and videos throughout the week.

Monday 3/16
**iready lesson. Complete a lesson in your to-do list

Tuesday 3/17 review of coordinate graphing x4, x5, x6
Try 7th grade if you have completed these.

Wednesday 3/18
**iready lesson. Complete a lesson in your to-do list

Thursday 3/19 review of coordinate graphing x4, x5, x6
Try 7th grade if you have completed these.

Friday 3/20
**iready lesson. Complete a lesson in your to-do list

Friday, March 13, 2020

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Hello Everyone,

Now that we are learning from home for a few weeks, you will need to be able to access classroom materials from home. Here is what we need you to do…..

Continue to check the blog for information. The same information that is posted in Google Classroom will be posted here as well. You can also subscribe to the blog. There is an option on the right side of this page to add emails.

Please check Google Classroom and Remind for updates and information. If you cannot login to Google Classroom, please let one of us know as soon as possible. **Remember, you must use your district email information to login to Google Classroom. **

Make sure that you can log in to iready as well. You will need to go through Clever for this.

Please check your access to both Google Classroom and iready as soon as possible.

If you have any trouble logging in or have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Klemetson or Mrs. Fernandes. We will be checking emails every day.

Please check the district website as well for up to the date school information.

We will see everyone back on April 13.

Mrs. Klemetson and Mrs. Fernandes.

Boys Swim Final Cut 2/5/2019

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Great tryout today! All did well 🙂 First Practice TOMORROW 3:15pm.


8th Grade

Hatem Gelan

Hamza Baadani

Kaled Alrayyashi

Arslan Shariff

Hussein Said

Fadel Zein

Annas Zeedan

Ali Jaafar

Hadi Srour


7th Grade

Khaled Amro

Braylon Orsette

Ahmed Abdulameer

Ali Al-Siyaghy

Ali Al-Ghiribawi

Ali Srour

Yusef Hachem

Benjamin Foor

Nathan Miesmer

6th Grade

Ahmen Alsiyaghy

Ali Alabbasi

Ali Ali

Yusef Naimi

Monther Agazali

Elyas Abbas

Adam Saade



Jermaine Purvey

Mohammed Albadry

Ali Almashkur

Abdulfattah Ahmed

Hassan Mrad

Ibrahim Husaini




Girls Volleyball Final Cut

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Congratulations to all the girls who tried out, we had a great group! Go Falcons!

Varsity Team

Keagan Gerlach

Carolyn Marhaba

Hadeel Aldhaibani

Tamara Gomez

Rawan Fahs

Helen Hetrick

Moothy Almuhaisen

Isabel Hausez

Fatima Fakih

Ava Steinhebel

Junior Varsity

Maisy Gerlach

Farah Khachab

Julia Bazzi

Camila Gomez

Haneen Anwar

Maya Hassan

Jewelvia Griffin

Lara Basma


Amiya Saad

Nataliya Hissy

Aseal Qdaih

Nadia Mroue

Monday, October 16

Posted on J4, due this Friday. Students can also work on any previous ixl topics that they have not yet finished at 100%.

1.1.5 Focusing on data, representing information in a clear way, writing questions for data, and answering questions using charts and graphs.

Homework 1.1.5 is due Tuesday. Remember to check the CPM ebook for homework help for each question if you need it.

Coming up this week:

Tuesday: 1.2.1 (homework due Wednesday)

Wednesday:1.2.2(homework due Thursday)

Thursday: 1.2.3(Homework due Friday)

Friday: Catch up day–Quiz on adding and subtracting fractions part 2.

If you need the homework sheets, here they are. You can also find the homework questions in your ebook online, along with helpful homework hints for each question.
1.5 B

1.5 A