March 30-April 3

Week 3 of reviewing from home. These are skills that we have already learned during the year.

**During this week, we will be checking work from the past two weeks and recording whether it has been completed each week. Thanks to everyone who has let us know through email or remind when they finish their work.

This is the week ahead and what you should be working on:

Kahoot Challenge this week!

Monday, March 30-One lesson on iready completed with a green check.

Tuesday, March 31-Watch the two videos on multiplying and dividing fractions…(hopefully they work for you. If not, try looking for something on Khan Academy.)

Review topics

Wednesday, April 1

One lesson on iready completed with a green check

Thursday, April 2

Continue with Tuesday’s work-videos and

Friday, April 3. One iready lesson completed with a green check. Today is the last day to complete the kahoot challenge!

Have a great week!

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