Tuesday, April 21

Thanks to everyone who joined our online session. I have reset the code to join our classroom, so if you haven’t joined and need the code, please email me or Mrs. Fernandes for that code.


Each time you are in class for most of the hour-5 minutes or less late is ok-you will get 4 points in Student Connect. You will also get points for completing assignments in Google Classroom when they are assigned-like ixl.

Times for iready will be graded by Sunday. You should have 150-180 online minutes total since the quarantine. You may have to add up the minutes week by week to make sure that your minutes are ok.

Tomorrow’s assignment will be to watch the video, and complete the assignment on Google Classroom.

This week’s ixl is Y7 which is all about terms, variables, coefficients, and constants. It might take a little practice, but I am sure that you will get the hang of it!

See you all on Thursday!

Mrs. Fernandes and Mrs. Klemetson

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