“Goodie Bag” Drop Off

Hello and Happy Holidays. Hope you all have a great two weeks off. Normally I give a small gift to students at this time and since we are not in school students suggested I could drop a gift off at their house -“our teachers did last year” they said. So if it is ok with you I will be dropping gifts off on your porch tomorrow between 1pm-3pm. If you do not want me to do that please text and let me know. Thank you:)

New Small Group Schedule

Hello, I hope you all enjoyed time off of school and the couple of sunny days we had. We have a new small group schedule. Please look it over and ensure your child comes to small group. The past 2-3 weeks I have had several “no shows,” which is how I have to record it in the school’s small group attendance log. Many of you are doing a great job of attending, keep up the great work! I know some of you have to meet twice, once with Mrs. M. and then again with me. I’m sure it feels like a lot, but this is exactly how it would be in the classroom too. Your child would be meeting with both of us 3-5 per week. I’m linking it here and it is also posted every day of the week in schoology.


Supply Pick up and Other Notes

Hello, I have a new folder ready for students. You may pick it up this week on Monday between 1pm-4pm or Tuesday between 9am-4pm. At the same time, please return their yellow and black folders for grading. Before you return the black folder make sure the ziplock baggie with their turkey craft has been removed, we are making it this week.

Tomorrow they will take their spelling test, do Friday’s “thankful” show and tell, and finish working with the story “A Turkey for Thanksgiving” I will also be giving a math quiz during our math period and during small groups in the afternoon (both Monday and Tuesday small groups if needed). Thank you for sending me pictures and writing of their Stem Activity. Engineering and Design is part of their science curriculum and that project counts toward their grade.

I have power and Pajama Day

Hello, I’m happy that our power has been restored (yesterday evening 🙂 and since we didn’t get to celebrate pajama day yesterday Mariam and Majid’s mom had a great suggestion…let’s do it today!!! Students can wear pj’s if they want and we will also take time for them to share who their hero is. Hope those of you who lost power yesterday are with it today. The school also has power again.

Stem Project Supplies

Hello, This week we will be reading a Thanksgiving book. In this story a turkey will need students to make him a hideout as people are chasing after him. Please DO NOT HAVE THEM MAKE THIS until I say it is time to make it. This lesson ties into our science standards of building and design and requires them to do some paperwork before they can build. I wanted to put this out before we began so that you can help them gather some supplies that they can choose from on Tuesday. If you can, put some of these in a bag for them, that would be great. These are just suggestions, and they do not need all of them.


-construction paper or cardstock or index cards or small pieces of cardboard (you can cut form a cereal box), or copy paper

-small plastic or Styrofoam cups or bowls

-tape -glue

-play dough or clay

-wooden sticks, yarn, stickers, plastic bottle caps, bread ties, pipe cleaner etc…

These are just suggestions, you don’t need all of them and add whatever you think might help them make a turkey hideout, just put into a bag for them. Thank you for your help 🙂

Spirit Week Next Week

Good Afternoon, I had mentioned to the kids we could do a “show and tell” and I said maybe Monday. I’m going to change it since receiving the information below. On Friday, they want students to to bring something to our virtual classroom that they are thankful for. So that will be the show and tell day.

Next week will be Snow School’s Spirit Week. We want to celebrate all the hard work Snow staff members, Snow students, and Snow families have been doing during virus crisis. to celebrate, follow the guide below…

Saturday or Sunday-draw a wolf for the Snow Wolf Contest

Monday, November 16th:  Pajama Day:  Wear your pajamas to zoom class.

Tuesday, November 17th: Hero Day: Give students a moment to share out who they consider to be a hero and why!

Wednesday, November 18th: Crazy Hat Day:  Wear your crazy hat to class!

Thursday, November 19th:  Snow wolf Art contest!  (show us your wolf drawing).

Friday, November 20th: ” I am thankful for” Show and share with us something that you are thankful for.