Stem Project Supplies

Hello, This week we will be reading a Thanksgiving book. In this story a turkey will need students to make him a hideout as people are chasing after him. Please DO NOT HAVE THEM MAKE THIS until I say it is time to make it. This lesson ties into our science standards of building and design and requires them to do some paperwork before they can build. I wanted to put this out before we began so that you can help them gather some supplies that they can choose from on Tuesday. If you can, put some of these in a bag for them, that would be great. These are just suggestions, and they do not need all of them.


-construction paper or cardstock or index cards or small pieces of cardboard (you can cut form a cereal box), or copy paper

-small plastic or Styrofoam cups or bowls

-tape -glue

-play dough or clay

-wooden sticks, yarn, stickers, plastic bottle caps, bread ties, pipe cleaner etc…

These are just suggestions, you don’t need all of them and add whatever you think might help them make a turkey hideout, just put into a bag for them. Thank you for your help 🙂

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